YachtAid to the Rescue: International Humanitarian Aid Through Yachting

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Image: Screen Capture. YachtAid Global. “YAG Videos.” YachtAidGlobal.org. Web. Accessed 22 Nov 2014.

The image of yachts evoke either idyllic luxury or well-appointed adventure. What charitable organizations like YachtAid Global (“YAG”) see, however, is something even more special—yachts can be used to deliver humanitarian aid; and that yacht owners, their crew, and professionals in the maritime industry, can be real life heroes brining relief to places and people in need.

Post-Hurricane Aid

Included among YachtAid Global’s activities are the delivery of supplies to communities ravaged by extreme weather events. In mid-October, for example, category-3 Hurricane Gonzalo tore across St. Maarten. YachtAid Global’s Dhardra Blake was quick to mobilize: she reached out to captains, owners and organizations interested in helping, especially yachts already intending to travel near the target delivery area. Local yachting firms provided relief aid supplies, Sir Richard Branson’s superyacht Necker Belle was loaded for its first YAG delivery, and a marina in St. Maarten even provided a slip for offloading and let the crew stay overnight.

The St. Maarten mission is an example of YAG’s usual practice of determining the needs of a destination that yachts travel to, raise funds or solicit needed supplies, and transporting these supplies for delivery. This kind of vision, efficiency and fast action has positively impacted the lives of many people all over the world. The organization has helped as many as 50 isolated communities in 12 countries.

It should be of no surprise then, that the nonprofit organization recently bagged the first Beacon Award issued by the US Superyacht Association. But what’s really important for YAG founder Capt. Mark Drewelow? He had described the emotional gratitude they receive upon the transfer of goods as “priceless.” It also seems that his charitable endeavors are rubbing off on Capt. Drewelow’s family—his young daughters founded YAG Kids.

We at Kemplon Engineering congratulate YAG on their Beacon Award, and wish the nonprofit more success in the years to come.

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