Woman Overboard Cruise Ship Found Dead

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A dream vacation turns deadly for a passenger on a cruise ship when she goes overboard.

“Man Overboard” is one of the scariest things to hear on an otherwise dreamy cruise vacation. It is terrifying for those traveling with family and friends, who fear the passenger in question may be a loved one; it is a nightmare for captain and crew who have to immediately address the situation. It is truly terrifying to ponder – a lone figure, dwarfed by the mega-ship he or she had fallen from, a speck against a vast expanse of ocean.

But this nightmarish situation does happen, and more commonly than we might think; it has been reported that so far this year, 19 people had gone overboard on various cruises in different destinations, with different outcomes.

This August saw the tragic case of 65 year-old American tourist Carol Ann Dimas of San Jose, California. The great-grandmother was on a seven-day cruise on the Carnival Glory when she went overboard shortly after the ship left Roatan, Honduras. As of this writing, there are no publicly available details on the circumstances around the passenger’s fall from the ship.

Carnival had responded to witness reports of the passenger spotted overboard by turning the ship around for search and rescue operations, and contacting the United States Coast Guard as well as Honduran authorities. According to a Honduran Tourism Institute representative, the navy and Red Cross were also involved in search efforts. The passenger was ultimately recovered by the Carnival cruise ship though, but they were too late to save her life.

The cruise line has drawn some flak for what some witnesses perceived to be a slow response time. Advocates are also using the incident, and other recent accidents, as a rallying cry for the importance of automatic man overboard systems.

We at Kemplon Engineering condole with those affected by this recent tragic accident, and with others who have lost friends and family to similar circumstances. We sincerely hope measures can one day be put in place to halt future tragic incidents or to make response times faster, so that everyone may enjoy all the wonders of cruising and traveling in a safe and secure environment.

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