Why Metalworking is a Noble Profession

By March 18, 2016 Article No Comments

As soon as the industrialization age shaped the course of our history, the ability of mankind has been put to the test and we saw how men can actually rise to the demands of manufacturing and construction. Who, in this country’s early years before massive skyscraper projects, would have thought that men can actually construct buildings that stand hundreds of feet tall; boats that can accommodate by the thousands; or yachts with Jacuzzis or swimming pools? Needless to say, metalworking has contributed a big role into the society. Indeed, metalworking is a noble profession.

Some of the duties of metalworkers include selecting the types of sheet metal or nonmetallic material to use, installing the metal sheets with supportive frameworks, maneuvering large parts of metals to be installed, drilling holes in metals, and many more.

With today’s technological advances, computers have made their jobs easier, and as a result demands also got higher. More projects are completed in a short amount of time. Computers have contributed some of the work.

So what makes metalworking a noble profession?

1.      Metalworkers create and study plans as well as specifications in determining the kind and quantity of materials they will need.

2.      Sheet metal workers are excellent in computing the required calculations for many areas in the work they do. They cut or stamp the parts with machine tools. They also use computer-controlled equipment to measure, cut, bend and fasten metal pieces.

3.      Sheet metal workers program and operate computerized metalworking equipment. They also make custom pieces and operate manually-controlled equipment.

4.   Sheet metal workers do projects in construction and manufacturing to various industry sectors. They also specialize in the following: fabrication, installation, maintenance, and testing and balancing.

5.     Sheet metal fabricators often lift heavy materials and stand for long periods.

6.     They work from small shops to huge manufacturing plants. Because of the work that entails, their environment has to be well-ventilated. Metalworkers especially at construction sites have to bend, climb, and squat in close quarters or in awkward positions.

7.      Metal workers are exposed to all kinds of weather.

8.   Although they use various machines to make their jobs easier, they have to be well-equipped and knowledgeable in using them in order to avoid potential injuries such as burns from welding, falls from ladders, cuts from sharp metal, and more.

Have a loved one who works with metals? Time to show them your appreciation for the work they do. After all, what would civilization have been if not for our metalworkers?