Wet Exhaust System – New Solution to Noise & Vibration on Yacht

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Image courtesy: http://sailingschoolmalaysia.com/forum/systems-on-board/marine-exhaust-systems/

It has been known that exhaust systems became the source of vibration on yachts.

Nowadays, almost all of the yachts have wet exhaust systems, wherein an injection of sea water released from the engine’s jacket water, is used to cool down exhaust gases and passed overboard through the outlet. As the gasses are cooled the volume also decreases.

Proper installation and lay out of the design of the system were considered and maintained to avoid noise, vibration and damage to engines and mechanical parts. Piping must also be properly isolated and the use of isolator pipe support id a must to minimize the vibration.

For better cooling, wet systems are provided which means flexible hoses can be used as these absorbs more vibration. Flexible hoses can also absorb movement from the engine so they suffer less stress cracks.