Kemplon Engineering has ​streamlined IT processes allowing us to ​work ​remotely on jobs
by means of virtual project management and logistical support​.

It is one of our​ business tools that makes​ it possible to manage equipment, employees and other project​ functions without being physically on site. Remote Project Management increases overall efficiency by saving time and reducing expenditures. This method will reduce ​travel costs for Project Managers​​ and time spent commuting. In addition to this, it provides ​instant communication and information exchange​ to our teams and clients. ​

Kemplon Engineering embraced a virtual management structures ​some time ago​.
However, clients ​that ​still prefer to see ​an in person​ “hands on” Project Manager ​always have this option available. ​
Onsite Project Management does have it’s own advantages. Some of those include; minimizing logistical problems, including coordinating work across different time zones and physical distances while dealing with interpersonal issues.

It gives us the ability to establish an effective working relationship in the form of frequent face-to-face communication and you’ll have a person at your location specifically qualified for your project that you can communicate with at your convenience. ​

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