US Coast Guard Presents: Videos of the Year

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Real life can be more exciting than ‘reel’ life with the US Coast Guard’s collection of Videos of the Year, posted online and up for a public vote on the top Video of the Year. Kemplon Engineering takes a look at some of these exciting USCG activities caught on camera, and reports on the videos that took home the year’s top prizes.

USCG Top Ten Videos of the Year
The brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard are engaged in a myriad of activities. An event like Video of the Year, which started in 2009, shows the public the kind of challenges they face and the training, resourcefulness and heroism they display as a normal part of their awe-inspiring profession.

The 2014 contest began last December 22nd, with the top ten videos posted on succeeding days on Compass (the USCG’s official blog), the Coast Guard’s YouTube channel, and on Facebook and Twitter. The contest continued with a public voting by “likes,” and the January 5 announcement of a winner.

This year’s fine crop of videos include: “Coast Guard Turtle Rescue,” footage featuring a South Jersey crew’s rescue of an 800-pound leatherback turtle tangled up in fishing gear in August; “Coast Guard Ice Rescue,” footage which shows ice rescue operation techniques and use of equipment from the National Ice Rescue School; and “Coast Guard Bristol Bay Buoys,” showing how a Coast Guard cutter crew tends to buoys; along with seven other videos.

2014’s Video of the Year
At the end of the voting tally, the Coast Guard’s Video of the Year for 2014 was “Coast Guard High Speed Pursuit” showing training for tactical law enforcement, followed by “Coast Guard Turtle Rescue” and “Coast Guard Station Bellingham Rescue,” featuring the rescue of two men whose canoe overturned.

Kemplon Engineering congratulates all of this year’s nominees and winners, and we send our best wishes for a safe new year for the brave men and women of our Coast Guard.

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