Kemplon Engineering is one of the leading ship repair companies that offers turnkey work packages based on versatile knowledge in ship repair services. That knowledge includes understanding the right materials and procedures used and required in this field.

When certain projects have a high level of complexity and a well-defined scope, turnkey work is the best option for the client but only a few ship repair companies can offer high quality turnkey solutions. We can offer a total turnkey package from the conceptualising ideas, designing, planning, material purchasing, troubleshooting and repair, installation and project management.

A turnkey project allows us, as your contractor, to conclude the project and “hand the key over” to you the client.
This gives you, the client, peace of mind, as we have the motivation to do the work in the given time and you do not have to experience the stressful process of worrying about troubleshooting or selecting the materials or doing all other key things needed to complete a successful job.

A Turnkey work option can help reduce total contract execution time, allow complete installation from one supplier at an ideal price level. This is because the same contractor is working from start to final approval. This delivers guaranteed cost controlled results and ensures all compliance needs are met.

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