Three Die in Cruise Ship Fire

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^ Image: Screen capture. Oceania Cruises, Inc. “Explore Insignia.” Web. Accessed 16 Dec 2014.

An engine room fire on board an Oceania Cruises ship docked in St. Lucia, claimed the lives of three people earlier this December. Kemplon Engineering reports on this unfortunate incident.

Oceania Cruises ship The Insignia was carrying over 650 guests on a 10-day cruise when an engine room fire occurred midway through the itinerary, last December 11th. The ship was docked at Port Castries in St. Lucia at the time. The rest of the cruise, scheduled to end on December 17th in Miami, was canceled. The passengers were evacuated from the ship and flown to Miami instead, with accommodations arranged by Oceania Cruises. Each passenger was also provided food allowance, a 100% refund, and 50% credit toward an Oceania cruise in the future.

The Insignia was built in 1998, originally designed for Renaissance Cruises and later acquired by Oceania. The ship, which is to remain in St. Lucia until engine repairs are completed, is under investigation by a joint team including the US Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board, working alongside the vessel’s flag state, Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands had accepted the involvement of the US Coast Guard, given that The Insignia transits in American ports and that a substantial number of passengers were from the United States. Also in St. Lucia in the wake of the accident are representatives from Oceania Cruises, including its new president, Jason Montague.

Insignia was scheduled to depart from Miami on another itinerary starting December 17th. This planned voyage has since been canceled in light of the accident.

We at Kemplon Engineering sympathize with those who have lost friends and family because of this accident, and also with the passengers who had experienced fear and inconvenience. We sincerely hope the investigation will yield answers that can prevent such incidents and fatalities in the future.

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