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The Many Merits of Composite Propellers

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^ Large Ship Propeller (Note the Geometry) Image Courtesy of Eastimages at

Why are Propellers so Important?  

Propellers are the devices that power the global economy. This may sound gross exaggeration, but is, in fact, the truth. Why? Because, they drive most ships. And ships transport over 90% of the globally traded merchandise.

Not for nothing is the health of shipping a potent indicator of the state of the global economy. Anything and everything that affects the efficiency of the humble looking propeller therefore holds vast potential far beyond what many can possibly fathom. Read More

Marine Agents of Propeller Destruction

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^Ship Propeller (Note the Size) – Image Courtesy of the United States Department of Transportation at

Why is Propeller Maintenance so Important?

This article is based largely on the whitepaper Ship Propeller Maintenance Optimum Solutions by Hydex, a company known its quick supply of turnkey solutions for underwater maintenance and repair of ships.

On account of its chloride content, seawater is among the most destructive of environments. It unleashes a host of raiders that erode and corrode the hull as well as the propeller. As many as 30% of marine equipment and ships fail due to marine corrosion.

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