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The Genesis of Pipefitting

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^ Complex Industrial Piping Network

Image Courtesy of fotoslaz at http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-364095497/stock-photo-govern-engineer-of-the-powerhouse-pipe-system.html?src=s6HMwiffilnBDB4nNzys5Q-1-54

Pipe networks are the arteries and veins of machines and equipment systems, supplying vital fluids such as water, oils, fuels, coolants, vapor, steam, gas, solids, slurries and the like.

Steamfitters, pipefitters, and plumbers set up this invisible circulation grid that stocks and replenishes the muscles of machines and mechanisms via steel, copper, aluminum, glass, and plastic pipes. Read More

Monthly Maritime News Roundup: April, 2016

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As the month of April comes to a close, Kemplon Engineering looks back on some of the most compelling maritime industry developments of the last 30 days, in this edition of the Monthly Maritime News Roundup:

One of the most important humanitarian issues unfolding in our time is the European Migration Crisis – where hundreds of thousands of irregular migrants from North Africa and the Middle East flee conflict or poverty from their homelands for a better life in Europe. Many of them make the journey by treacherous sea routes, on overcrowded or barely sea-worthy boats. Read More