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02 - Brunswick Commercial and Government Products

Multi Agency Craft Conference (MACC) 2016 & the U.S. Workboat Industry

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^ Brunswick Commercial and Government Products’ (BCGP) 1100 Impact Offshore Interceptor
Image Courtesy of BCGP at—Impact.aspx

Workboats & Patrol Boats

Workboats include numerous kinds of crafts and boats that serve as patrol boats, tugs, towboats, military boats-vessels, offshore service vessels, diving-salvage boats, barges, research-education vessels, fire and response vessels and the like.

A precise definition of workboats eludes us. According to Lodewijk van Os, Product Director at Damen Shipyards, workboats are the ‘daily working environment of seafarers, who come onboard to execute a job utilising the specific design features and equipment of the boat.’ Read More