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Cruise Ship Emissions Ranking

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A long-running environmental organization ranks upcoming cruise ship new builds based on planned emission abatement technologies… and takes some heat from the cruise industry for the results.

Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (“NABU”), having been founded in 1899, is one of Germany’s oldest environmental associations. With 560,000 members and sponsors, it is also one of the largest. Their objectives include conservation of habitats and biodiversity, and to promote sustainable practices and climate protection. Read More

Luxe Expedition Ship For Arctic Tourism

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While rising sea waters and the diminishing habitats of local wildlife are undoubtedly negative impacts of the world’s warming climate, inextricably, there are also opportunities presented by greater access to the once-forbidding Polar Regions. The maritime industry is particularly abuzz with excitement for the promises the Arctic could hold – including shorter shipping routes, and opportunities for leisure travel and education through tourism and expeditions. Read More

The Caribbean’s Hot, New Cruise Port: Carnival’s Amber Cove

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Competition in the cruising industry is fierce, with major players always on the lookout for the latest ‘wow’ factor to please their passengers and bring in the crowds. In the last few months alone, we’ve seen everything from mega-ships with breathtaking attractions (“’Escape’ to the Largest Water Park at Sea”), fresh and imaginative new themes and itineraries (“Cruise for a Cause? Carnival Corp.’s “Social Impact” Travel”), new access to once-inaccessible destinations (“A Controversial Cruise To Disputed Islands”; “Carnival is Headed to Cuba Too!”), unprecedented levels of luxury (“$100,000 Cruise – Almost Sold Out?”), and applications of high and green technology (“Carnival’s Next-Gen “Green” Ships: Powered by LNG”) – just to name a few!

If you follow Kemplon Engineering’s blog or if you are an avid fan of cruising, you would know that one particular line is quite often at the forefront of the industry’s hot, new developments – Carnival Corp. This time around, they are developing a destination in the Caribbean in an $85-million port project: Amber Cove.

Amber Cove is a 25-acre, private port set on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is described as a quiet gateway to the Caribbean, with places for lounging like pools and bars, and great sites for dining, shopping and adventure, with activities like ziplines, speed boating, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins. The cove is so named for its location on the Amber Coast, an area known for having an abundance of the namesake stone.

The port, which will have two berths that can ultimately see almost 8,000 passengers at the same time, is set to start receiving calls by this fall, starting with the Carnival Victory in early October. The expected turnout for the first year of operations is 350,000 passengers from multiple Carnival brands like Aida, Holland America, Carnival Cruise Line and P&O. This is a far cry from Amber Cove’s quiet past, which has not had a regular cruise call in some three decades.

Carnival has previous experience with developing ports, like Grand Turk and Roatan in Honduras.

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Woman Overboard Cruise Ship Found Dead

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A dream vacation turns deadly for a passenger on a cruise ship when she goes overboard.

“Man Overboard” is one of the scariest things to hear on an otherwise dreamy cruise vacation. It is terrifying for those traveling with family and friends, who fear the passenger in question may be a loved one; it is a nightmare for captain and crew who have to immediately address the situation. It is truly terrifying to ponder – a lone figure, dwarfed by the mega-ship he or she had fallen from, a speck against a vast expanse of ocean. Read More

MSC Cruises’ Debut in China

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Europe-based MSC Cruises heads to China for the first time, on board the newly-renovated MSC Lirica.

The newly-renovated, 65,000-ton, 2,679-passenger MSC Lirica is set to make its comeback in a big way – via a “Grand Voyage” that will bring passengers around the world, including the cruise line’s maiden call to China when it stops in Shanghai in May, 2016. The comprehensive renovations to the MSC Lirica, under MSC Cruises’ Renaissance Program, is set to finish by November of this year. Read More