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Role of the Academic-Business Collaboration in the Manufacturing Resurgence in Florida & the United States

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Win-Win Partnership

CNC Laser Cutting Services, Marine Engineering Companies, Welding Fabrication Companies, Laser Metal Cutting Machine, and Heavy Rigging Equipment in Florida and the United States are resurging with a vengeance as the manufacturing sector posts consistent healthy gains.

One important reason for this phenomenon is the long-standing, organic linkage between American universities and American businesses. Such partnerships have inspired and nurtured innovation to pull out the near-impossible.

GE’s located its plant for jet-engine parts in seemingly faraway Batesville, Mississippi because the Mississippi State University’s is an expert in the new materials needed for such parts.

The partnership between University of Akron and the nation’s top tire makers in the city of Akron develops and commercializes innovative polymers. Textiles inspire a similar partnership in North Carolina.

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How Laser Cutting Technology Changed the Shipbuilding Industry

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 In the 1990’s, the bridge building industry began using a 3kW gantry style CO2 laser cutting machine. By 1995, laser cutting machines were used in shipyards. Eventually, 6kW CO2 laser systems were used in various shipyards across the world. Laser cutting in shipyards has a typical process flow when it comes to marking the plate, followed by cutting the hull and internal structure, and lastly the ship-block construction.

Due to the popularity of laser cutting machines, the shipbuilding industry has reduced labor costs, and most especially the time it took on both small and large projects. Of all the equipment used in shipbuilding, CO2 laser cutting machines such as laser bevel cutting machine were proven to provide higher accuracies and more reduced time and costs in post-cutting processes. Read More