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International Voices vs. Rising Seas and Climate Change

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In the prelude to the upcoming United Nations Conference on Climate Change this winter in Paris, advocates and stakeholder nations – many of them in real danger from rising seas stemming from climate change – are ramping up their campaigns to be heard, and for unified and binding international action to be taken to protect the environment. Kemplon Engineering takes a look at some of the recent news and developments in the international battle to combat climate change.

During his much-publicized visit to the United States this September, Pope Francis spoke before the United Nations on various issues, including care for the environment – a topic he has consistently expressed concern for, as in June of this year upon the release of his encyclical Laudato Si, which tackled pollution and climate change. At the UN, he called for concrete and immediate steps to preserve the environment, given the magnitude of the current situation and its toll on human lives. “Any harm done to the environment … is harm done to humanity,” he reportedly said. Read More

Polar Cruising and Tourism

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Followers of news on business, international relations and the maritime industry would have heard of the so-called “Cold Rush” – optimism for potential opportunities in the Arctic in the fields of oil and gas drilling, faster shipping routes, and tourism. In the wake of hefty costs, risky operations, falling oil prices, an uncertain regulatory environment, negative public perception and environmental advocacies, however, some companies have since had to ‘cool down’ their activities and expectations in the region.

We have seen exits and project suspensions from the likes of Chevron, Rosneft, Statoil, Total and most recently, Royal Dutch Shell, for example. But if there is one segment of the maritime industry that is still making a heavy play for the region, that would be travel and tourism via cruising. Read More

Shell Pulls Out of Arctic Exploration

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The Arctic gamble isn’t quite working out as expected for Shell. Lured in by the same optimism and promise of untapped natural resources that has captivated many other international players in government, business and the maritime industry, the company has shelled out billions of dollars and faced down negative public opinion and confrontational environmental groups to fight for its place in the region. But late this September, their Arctic adventure comes to an end, with the announcement that they would be ceasing oil exploration activities for the foreseeable future. Read More

Monthly Maritime News Roundup: September, 2015

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Kemplon Engineering rounds up some of September 2015’s most compelling news and developments:

September marked the anniversaries of historic events that rocked – and still continue to affect – the nation. 10 years ago, the last days of August saw Hurricane Katrina unleash its wrath on the Gulf Coast to devastating effect, compounded by inadequate emergency responses that would only be addressed days later in September. Today, in an age of severe weather events, questions still remain on our nation’s approach to disaster preparedness and emergency response. Read More

September in the Arctic

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The Arctic has been one of the biggest points of interest in the maritime industry over the last few years. With climate change creating massive changes in the once forbidding region, more and more actors are entering the picture – governments establishing stronger footholds; natural resource companies angling for opportunities to explore and extract; shipping companies exploring more efficient routes to their destinations; conservationists advocating for the environment and the livelihoods of local communities; and travel operators and their clientele hoping for tourism revenues and adventure; just to name a few. It’s a complex and dynamic time for the Arctic, and this September saw a particularly heavy load of news for the region. Kemplon Engineering runs down some of these developments. Read More

Luxe Expedition Ship For Arctic Tourism

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While rising sea waters and the diminishing habitats of local wildlife are undoubtedly negative impacts of the world’s warming climate, inextricably, there are also opportunities presented by greater access to the once-forbidding Polar Regions. The maritime industry is particularly abuzz with excitement for the promises the Arctic could hold – including shorter shipping routes, and opportunities for leisure travel and education through tourism and expeditions. Read More