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Monthly Maritime News Roundup: October, 2016

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October might be known for festive frights, but a number of events in the maritime industry gave us some real world scares. Hurricane Matthew kicked off the month, weaving its way from the Caribbean to the Southeastern United States. Its destructive path ushered in 100 mph winds, storm surges as high as 9 feet, with rainfall and flooding. The price tag for damages is estimated to be in the billions of dollars. Read More

Maritime Industry News 2015: The Year in Review

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^As 2015 comes to a close, Kemplon Engineering looks back at some of the news and issues that captured maritime industry headlines this year.

The Migration Crisis is one of the most pressing issues of 2015… and a defining one for global humanitarian aid. The year saw a particularly large number of migrant fatalities at sea. Thousands of people from Africa and the Middle East lost their lives while crossing treacherous waters to European entry points like Italy and Greece, all in a desperate attempt to flee war or hardship.
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Exxon Valdez: Spared from $92 Million in Additional Oil Spill Damages

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More than 25 years after one of the largest oil spills in US waters of all time, Exxon is released from having to pay an additional $92 million from 1989’s Exxon Valdez oil spill.

On the 24th of March, 1989, tanker Exxon Valdez is grounded on Alaska’s Prince William Sound, with a ruptured hull that would launch about 11 million gallons (or 260,000 barrels) of crude oil into precious waters off Alaska. At the time, the disaster was unprecedented in scale, and demanded an equally unprecedented response from various federal, state, local and private entities. 1,500 miles of coastline, as well as parks, wildlife habitats, refuges and sanctuaries, many marine animals, and local livelihoods would ultimately be adversely affected by the disaster.   Read More

In the Wake of Tragedy: Updates on Missing Ship El Faro

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Following the heartbreaking tragedy of the El Faro’s October loss, pieces of the puzzle are slowly moving into place: the NTSB releases a Preliminary Report on the investigation; Navy salvage and diving teams are tasked to search for the missing vessel; the owners of the container ship establish a relief fund for the grieving families of lost crew; and lawsuits – one to the tune of $100 million – are filed against those who may be held accountable.

Earlier this October, cargo ship El Faro was believed to have been caught in the clutches of the devastating Hurricane Joaquin, an encounter that would ultimately lead to its loss. The 790-foot, roll-on, roll-off container ship was in the middle of an otherwise regular run between Florida and Puerto Rico when they issued a distress call, detailing lost propulsion, flooding and listing. It would be the ship’s final communication. Read More

Engine Room Fire on Cruise Ship Carnival Liberty

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A dream cruise vacation was cut dramatically short for thousands of passengers, when Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Liberty had an engine room fire last September 7th.

The Carnival Liberty is a 10-year old, 952-foot, Conquest-class ship based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The cruise ship left its homeport on the 6th of September for a 7-day, Caribbean cruise. On board were 3,346 guests and 1,150 crew. The next day, while docked at St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands on a scheduled port call, the cruise ship’s engine room sparked a small fire, which would eventually be extinguished by automatic fire suppression systems. The accident caused no injuries to any passengers or crew. The ship also retained power and had ability to sail, with hotel services and activities still available to the passengers. Read More

Woman Overboard Cruise Ship Found Dead

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A dream vacation turns deadly for a passenger on a cruise ship when she goes overboard.

“Man Overboard” is one of the scariest things to hear on an otherwise dreamy cruise vacation. It is terrifying for those traveling with family and friends, who fear the passenger in question may be a loved one; it is a nightmare for captain and crew who have to immediately address the situation. It is truly terrifying to ponder – a lone figure, dwarfed by the mega-ship he or she had fallen from, a speck against a vast expanse of ocean. Read More

40 Dead in River Nile Boat Collision

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A cargo ship collision with a chartered party boat on the River Nile leaves 40 dead. Kemplon Engineering takes a closer look at this tragic news.

On the River Nile, festivities quickly turned into tragedy for a party of about 50 people celebrating a young couple’s engagement on a chartered boat. A cargo ship had collided with it during the night, causing the passenger boat to capsize. Initial rescue efforts were made especially difficult by darkness, but continued through to first light and in the succeeding days. As bodies were recovered from the river, the death toll rose to 40. Among the fatalities are young children, including four babies. Read More

Over 400 Dead in China Cruise Tragedy

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Over 400 perish in China, when the Eastern Star capsizes on the Yangtze River with hundreds of passengers on board – many of them elderly tourists.

Jianli, China was the site of a horrific tragedy early this June, when the Eastern Star, a 2,200-ton river cruise ship, overturned on the Yangtze River in the midst of a storm. There were 456 passengers and crew on board at the time of the accident. The survivors? Just 14, leaving over 400 dead and a few passengers still missing. Read More