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Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Bermuda

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A cruise vacation turns scary for passengers aboard the Norwegian Dawn when it runs aground in Bermuda with 3,500 people on board.

The 12-year-old Norwegian Dawn was on its way back to Boston from Bermuda when a temporary steering malfunction led the massive ship to hit the channel bed. At the time of the incident, 2,675 passengers and 1,062 crew were on board. Though passengers had a scare when they reportedly felt the ship shudder and come to a quick stop, no one was hurt. The ship also remained operational with continued services available to those on board – including shipboard entertainment, as scheduled.

Six hours after the incident, the ship refloated free at high tide and was subject to inspection at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda. The ship remained operational but passengers were also allowed to go ashore while inspections were conducted by Norwegian’s technical operations team, an independent dive team, and a classification society certifying seaworthiness.

A thorough inspection confirmed the ship’s structural integrity, and the ship returned to Boston as scheduled. Passengers on board were reportedly not much inconvenienced by the incident, and had even been sent off with a credit of 15% of their fare in future cruise credit.

We at Kemplon Engineering have a great love for our world’s oceans and are great believers in the cruise industry’s ability to share that passion with millions of cruisers, by taking them to beautiful and exotic locations all over our planet. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen along the course of these trips, and these accidents can be fatal. Thankfully the Bermuda incident had left no one hurt or vastly inconvenienced. We sincerely hope the millions of tourists taking to cruise vacations every year continue to enjoy and be educated by their trips in a safe and secure manner.

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