Stril Barents Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

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Stril Barents PSV: Cooperation Unlimited
VARD delivered the Stril Barents Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) to its owner Simon Mokster Shipping, a Norwegian shipping company. The naming ceremony was held at Skagenkaien in Stavanger, Norway in February 2015

Simon Mokster is on a ten year service contract with ENI Norge to employ the Stril Barents for supply and standby services to the Goliat offshore oil and gas field located in the Barents Sea. The contract started in February 2015.

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Combining platform supply and emergency response abilities, this unique vessel is custom built for the rough Arctic conditions in the Barents Sea and is a result of close cooperation between Simon Mokster Shipping, VARD, and ENI Norge.

Stril Barents replaces Esvagt Aurora as the standby vessel at the Goliat fields that starts production from mid-2015. The vessel will also render oil spill cleaning duties as well as search and rescue operations.

ENI Norge signed the contract with Simon Mokster in April 2013. Simon Mokster signed a letter of intent with VARD Design in the same month to design and build a PSV. The VARD Braila Shipyard in Romania developed the vessel’s environment friendly hull while the VARD Aukra Shipyard in Norway built the ship.

Design & Technical Details
Based on VARD 1 06 LNG environment friendly design, the Stril Barents is capable of operating even in extreme Arctic conditions while maintaining excellent seakeeping, great nautical station keeping, and low fuel consumption. It is tailor designed and equipped for platform supply operations across the world.

Seakeeping is the capability of a vessel to sail safely at sea for long durations of rough, stormy weather. Nautical Station Keeping is the maintenance of a ship’s position relative to other vessels in a fleet. Station keeping also means maintaining fixed position with respect to a fixed object or patrolling a defined area in relation to a fixed object.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Following are the primary features of the Stril Barents PSV:

  • environment friendly design with low resistance hull contour that sails fast and consumes less fuel
  • runs on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as well as on marine gas oil (MGO)
  • ICE-C basis ice reinforcing
  • winterized basic for cold climate operations
  • NMD rescue 240 persons
  • NOFO 2009 oil recovery
  • slipway in stern with 1 x fast rescue daughter craft (FRDC) and the slipway can also recover life boats
  • Fi-Fi operations

Bridge operations are controlled by:

  • Kongsberg Dynpos (Dynamic Position) System
  • 2 x K-Master control workstations
  • 2 x NDU and ISJ cC-1 cabinets

Stril Barents PSV accommodates the following on its 950m2 deck:

  • 1 x 125t towing winch
  • 2 x 13t and 2 x 12t anchor and mooring winches
  • 1 x 10t NOFO winch and 1 x 5t NOFO capstan
  • 1 x 5t slipway winch
  • 2 x 5t tugger winches and 2 x messenger winches
  • 1 x 25t wire stopper
  • 2 x 13m deck cranes of 1t each and 1 x 15.5m deck crane of 3.8t

Emergency response capabilities are fairly extensive and include fire fighting, emergency towing, search and rescue, and oil recovery gear. The hangar built at the stern holds the emergency towing winch and NOFO 2009 oil recovery equipment. The slipway enables launch and recovery of rescue crafts.

Lifesaving equipment onboard Stril Barents includes:

  • 6 x off line rafts with a capacity to carry 16 persons each
    Stril Barents PSV (Source:

    Stril Barents PSV

  • 1 x off daughter craft
  • 2 x off fast rescue craft

Stril Barents’ generator unit consists of:

  • 2 x main off generator sets, 1,056kW @ 1,200rpm
  • 2 x main off generator sets, 3,915kW @ 720rpm
  • 1 x auxiliary off generator set, 260kW @ 1,800rpm

Main propulsion unit contains two electrically driven shaft lines of 3,800kW each. Thrusters include:

  • 2 x off tunnel thrusters, 860kW
  • 2 x off tunnel thrusters, 1,170kW
  • 1 x off retractable azimuth thruster, 880kW

Stril Barents is a perfect example of how wonders are created out of cooperation between all stakeholders. Equipped as it is with great many features, the Stril Barents is ideally built to take on the perils unleashed by the Barents Sea.