Shipping Industry’s Progress on Reduction of CO2 Emissions

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The United NatioWorld Tradens Climate Conference COP20 will be held in Lima from December 1 to 12, and speaking out just ahead of the conference is the International Chamber of Shipping (“ICS”), with figures to suggest the shipping industry may be on track toward a 20% reduction in emissions by 2020. Kemplon Engineering takes a look at their report.

Global Shipping is a powerhouse industry that transports about 90% of world trade. It accounted for around 2.2% of the planet’s GHG emissions in 2012, compared to 2007’s 2.8%. During this period, shipping’s emissions were reduced by over 10%. Global Shipping is the only industrial sector governed by a binding agreement to reduce CO2 emissions via measures set by its regulator, the International Maritime Organization (“IMO”), and ICS believes the industry is on track to make further progress, ultimately delivering 20% reduction in emissions from a 2005 baseline by 2020.

These figures and fearless forecast are part of a recently released brochure, “Shipping, World Trade and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions,” prepared for the UN’s Climate Change Conference in Lima this December. The document is available at ICS’s website, at

About ICS

The International Chamber of Shipping, established in 1921, is the global shipping industry’s principal international trade association, representing ship owners and operators associations all over the world. They are concerned with technical and legal aspects, labor affairs, and policy issues that impact global shipping. Their activities include dealing with intergovernmental regulatory bodies like the International Maritime Organization on behalf of their members. They also formulate best practices and provide guidance via publications and other free resources available to operators.

As members of the maritime industry community, we at Kemplon Engineering are invested in the welfare of our marine environment, as well as the continued success of stakeholders in the shipping industry both in business and in their efforts to operate more sustainably. We are happy to share news of the progress the shipping industry is making in reducing its emissions, and look forward to more positive news from the ICS, and new information from the Climate Conference.

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