Shipping Industry Reacts to ‘The Green Agenda’

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^ Image Credit: “IMAREST ROUNDTABLE ‘MAKING THE GREEN AGENDA PAY.’” Eniram. Web. Accessed 12 Nov 2014.

The ‘Green Agenda’ is a big buzzword in many circles within the maritime industry. But how do the industry’s stakeholders, movers and shakers, particularly in shipping, really feel about what this means and what it would take to pursue it and succeed in it? Recently released findings from a survey conducted by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (“IMarEST”) provides some important insights.

The Green Agenda Survey
IMarEST carried out the survey in collaboration with Colfax Fluid Handling, and they had received about 200 responses. It is notable that 88% agree ‘the Green Agenda’ can be good for the global maritime industry, and 75% of the respondents also agree that ‘the Green Agenda’ can have an impact on the business, and can be a factor in success. However, only 46% believe it is good value for money, and 78% of respondents agreed that there should be more ways to incentivize investments in green projects. One respondent had even gone so far as to say that investment in green initiatives may very well be contingent on attractive financial initiatives or if they were “forced” in some way to do so.

The big question then is, how can green project investments be more attractive to business? How can a more green approach be profitable? An October 28, invitation-only, roundtable discussion set out to tackle just this question: “Making the Green Agenda Pay.” The London event was chaired by Carnival’s VP of Technical Development and Quality Assurance, Corporate Shipbuilding, Mr. Richaed Vie, who is also the sitting president of IMarEST. A white paper covering the discussion is due for distribution sometime following the event, and those interested in obtaining a copy of the report may check the ImarEST website at, or send an inquiry via e-mail to

We at Kemplon Engineering believe in the important role green initiatives can play in the sustainability of our world’s waters. We also believe the most effective and workable solutions should be collaborative in nature, taking into account the needs and capabilities of the involved and affected stakeholders. We laud the efforts of organizations like IMarEST for their attempts at exploring the actionable points of the Green Agenda, and for bringing people in the shipping industry together to find ways that would incentivize investments in green approaches to business.

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