Russian Tall Ship Collides With Iceland’s Coast Guard

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Video catches Russian tall ship Kruzenshtern slamming into Icelandic Coast Guard vessels while being maneuvered by local tugs to depart Reykjavik harbor.

It was a less than picture-perfect exit for beautiful and storied tall ship Kruzenshtern upon its departure from Reykjavik harbor in Iceland, where it slammed into and consequently damaged two vessels owned by Iceland’s Coast Guard.

The Kruzenshtern is a four-masted barque and tall ship with a long history going back to 1926 in Germany, known under the name Padua. In 1946, the vessel was given to the then-USSR as part of war reparations following World War II, and thereafter renamed for a Baltic German explorer who had been in Russian service, Adam Johann Krusenstern.

Over the course of its long history, the ship has been used for hydrographic and oceanographic surveys, in training for naval cadets, and as a school ship for fishery officers. The Kruzenshtern has also participated in international regattas, made tours around the world, has been featured in several European films, and has taken in passengers as a source of funding.

Earlier this month, the ship was leaving Reykjavik harbor when it collided with two vessels of Iceland’s Coast Guard. It has been reported that the damages rendered the two ships un-seaworthy pending repairs. The tall ship sustained minor damages also.

Representatives from the Coast Guard have expressed they will pursue a payout from the Kruzenshtern’s insurance. Luckily, there were no injuries from the incident. This, however, is not the first time the tall ship has been involved in an accident. In August of 2014, a tug in Denmark reportedly sank following a collision with it.

As a 10-year veteran of providing a wide range of marine and industrial engineering services, Kemplon Engineering is highly concerned with safety news and issues in the industries we serve. The incident with the Kruzenshtern thankfully did not result in people getting hurt, but it is still a reminder of the dangers of our waters and the constant need for vigilance on the part of everyone operating in it.

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