Role of the Academic-Business Collaboration in the Manufacturing Resurgence in Florida & the United States

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Win-Win Partnership

CNC Laser Cutting Services, Marine Engineering Companies, Welding Fabrication Companies, Laser Metal Cutting Machine, and Heavy Rigging Equipment in Florida and the United States are resurging with a vengeance as the manufacturing sector posts consistent healthy gains.

One important reason for this phenomenon is the long-standing, organic linkage between American universities and American businesses. Such partnerships have inspired and nurtured innovation to pull out the near-impossible.

GE’s located its plant for jet-engine parts in seemingly faraway Batesville, Mississippi because the Mississippi State University’s is an expert in the new materials needed for such parts.

The partnership between University of Akron and the nation’s top tire makers in the city of Akron develops and commercializes innovative polymers. Textiles inspire a similar partnership in North Carolina.

Metal Fabrication in Florida

Blessed with a 1,350-mile coastline and a robust manufacturing-fabrication infrastructure, Florida is the state with the fourth-largest economy in the United States. Some of the best known fabrication and manufacturing operations in the state include:

  • CNC Laser Cutting Services in Florida blend the exemplary accuracy of computerized numerical control (CNC) with the vigorous cutting power of the laser to cut through multiple metals, alloys, and plastics


Kemplon Engineering is an Eminent Marine & Industrial Engineering Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Welding Fabrication Companies in Florida select the best welding process – arc, laser, resistance, friction stir, or electron beam – according to your requirements to deliver excellent joints


  • Marine Engineering Companies in Florida design, develop, build, maintain, and repair the imposing marine infrastructure – ships, marine platforms, boats, rigs, tankers, barges etc.


  • Heavy Rigging Equipment in Florida lifts and transports weighty machines within and outside your fabrication plants using factory interior cranes, jacks, pulleys, chain ropes, cranes, and winches


  • Laser Metal Cutting Machine in Florida employs the fantastic cutting prowess and directional coherence of the laser to cut rapidly and precisely through a whole range of materials

Positive Signs

With manufacturing and metal fabrication reviving since 2010:

  • the exodus from former industrial powerhouses such as Detroit, Pittsburg, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis has slowed down or even reversed
  • some cities even in the Rust Belt have witnessed activity or growth in venture capital investment

Marine Engineering Companies, CNC Laser Cutting Services, Heavy Rigging Equipment, Laser Metal Cutting Machine, and Welding Fabrication Companies in Florida and beyond stand to make huge gains from these developments.

The Rust Belt in the United States
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After a spell of prolonged slump, the Rust Belt – the Midwest region around the Great Lakes that was once the nerve center of American manufacturing – is gathering momentum again. Courtesy: academic-industrial partnerships and the innate innovative spirit of America.

Despite decline in employment, manufacturing continues to have significant effect on local economies – labor productivity in manufacturing has expanded at more than the economy-wide average.

Another feather in the cap of Welding Fabrication Companies, Laser Metal Cutting Machine, Heavy Rigging Equipment, CNC Laser Cutting Services, and Marine Engineering Companies in Florida and the rest of the United States.

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