Reversible Fuel Cell-based Energy Storage Delivered by Boeing to US Navy

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Photo credit: Boeing

Boeing is well-known for its successful innovation and technology advancement. And here comes another breakthrough.

Boeing has finally delivered the fuel cell energy storage system to the U.S. after its 16 months of development. They will conduct a test to the cell to identify its ability to support the energy needed by the commercial customers and military.

This is the first of its kind system using “reversible solid oxide fuel cell” technology to store energy from renewable resources which product clean, zero-emissions electricity. It also generates and stores hydrogen. It works when the grid demands power so it operates as a fuel cell. This then consume the stored hydrogen to produce electricity.

This new technology by Boeing is distinctive as it both store energy and produce electricity in one system, making the technology reversible. This will surely provide the customer with a flexible, affordable and environmentally progressive selection for power generation and energy storage.