Renewable Power At the Port of Honolulu

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A “big step” for the clean energy economy – exploring the potential of hydrogen fuel cell-powered generators at the Port of Honolulu. 

A Big Step for Clean Energy Economy. A senator had proclaimed it a “big step” for the United States’ emerging clean energy economy. At the Young Brothers Ltd. facility in the Port of Honolulu in Hawaii, a hydrogen cell-powered generator is being tested, for potential use in place of diesel generators. The alternative being tested could one day lead to more energy efficiency due to its better ability to withstand load fluctuations, on top of generating less carbon pollution on ports as well as in the high seas, because hydrogen fuel cells produce no pollutants or greenhouse gases when used.

The testing, for the Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project, is a product of work over many years and by several agencies. It comes from a 2012 study on the use of hydrogen fuel cells in lieu of diesel generators as auxiliary power for ships. Sandia National Laboratories is leading the project; the initial, six-month deployment of the generator is being funded by the US Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technology Office and the US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration; Hydrogenics Corp. is behind the design and built of the generator; Hickam Air Force Base is providing hydrogen from renewable solar power; and Young Brothers barges will be participating in testing and demonstration. It must also be noted that the state of Hawaii is highly engaged in more sustainable energy solutions. The governor had previously signed several energy bills, including an ambitious, year 2045 target for state utilities to get all electricity sales from renewable resources.

The hydrogen fuel cell unit was inaugurated late last August. It is hoped that knowledge gleaned from the test will help make this energy solution a viable alternative that can be widely used at other ports.

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