RecruitMilitary: Connecting Military Job Seekers And Employers

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Image “Way To Success” courtesy of renjith krishnan at

Image “Way To Success” courtesy of renjith krishnan at

Learn about RecruitMilitary, an award-winning military-to-civilian recruiting firm connecting employers to job seekers with a military background, and about their upcoming All Veterans Job Fair, to be held this March in Miami:

RecruitMilitary is a full-service recruiting firm connecting educational institutions, employers and franchisors to men and women with a military background. This includes all branches of the armed forces, across all ranks. Services are free for military jobseekers such as those transitioning back into civilian life, veterans, members of the National Guard and reserves forces, and military spouses. Among RecruitMilitary’s considerable tools toward their aims are: an online Job Board, Veteran Job Fairs, and a magazine called “Search & Employ.”

RecruitMilitary’s Job Board allows registered jobseekers access to over 850,000 vacancies from over 4,300 companies seeking veterans for hire.

“Search & Employ,” on the other hand, is a bimonthly magazine available in print and digital formats, which serves as a civilian career guide to help transitioning and veteran military jobseekers.

RecruitMilitary’s Veteran Job Fairs is another important tool toward their mission of connecting employers and military jobseekers. The statistics are impressive— 9 years running and over 670 events held; 23,360 exhibitors and 416,314 attendees have participated; over 100 offers are extended in each job fair; with favorable and repeat ratings from exhibitors. Their events average about 40-50 exhibitors present.

Miami All Veterans Job Fair is an upcoming event for RecruitMilitary. They have held 10 events in the city, drawing in almost 3,000 attendees and over 300 exhibitors. The upcoming job fair is scheduled for March 12, 2015, from 11:00 am to 3:00pm, at the Kovens Conference Center at Florida International University. Among the exhibitors are Lockheed Martin Corporation, Apple, Inc. and Bank of America. For more information on the upcoming Miami event and how to participate, visit

RecruitMilityary’s mission, as well as its comprehensive approach to achieving its goals, is truly admirable for us at Kemplon Engineering. It is no wonder they received the First Annual Lee Anderson Small Business Veteran and Military Spouse Employment Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2011, in recognition of their work to honor military families. Kemplon Engineering will be attending RecruitMilitary’s upcoming event in Miami, and we hope to see you there!

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