Qualified Outside Machinist from Florida and other parts are dispatched, throughout the United States.
Outside machinists are experienced, knowledgeable and perform all the following outside machinist work safely and efficiently.

  • Mechanical seal device installations
  • Hydraulic lines and equipment troubleshooting and repair
  • Heat exchangers and condenser pressure testing and cleaning
  • Winches and capstan troubleshooting, repair and installations
  • Topside equipment repairs and installations; cranes and davits
  • Skid systems installations and repairs
  • Valve and Strainer repairs and installations
  • Custom gasket cutting
  • Pipeline hydro/pneumatic testing
  • Equipment rigging
  • Pump repairs and installations
  • Compressed air and pneumatic systems; troubleshooting, repairs and installations
  • Ventilation fan and motor removal and install
  • Shaft alignments/chockfast pouring
  • Strain gauge alignments

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