Oil and Gas job losses, we have solutions in South Florida!

It is now becoming clear just how bad things are getting in the oil industry. The biggest job losses started to hit the surprisingly resilient oil and gas industry in the US. Many companies have already cut jobs and some have announced plans to cut further workers or even pressure older workers for early retirement.

As the price of oil has drastically fallen, many Americans are getting worried about more job losses in oil producing industries and states. Even Texas and North Dakota, two of the leading oil-producing states, claim unemployment rates are lower than the national average.

More or less 25,400 jobs in March are lost in Texas due to the spill-over effect of low oil prices across the state economy. Since June, almost 50 percent of the oil prices have fallen. And last month, oil and gas industry in Texas even lost 2,800 jobs, while other industries such as construction; professional and business services; and trade, transportation and utilities lost even more jobs.

So now, thousands of oil-field workers are spending their days sending out résumés hoping to seek new job, checking the net or calling acquaintances for any possible job openings and pondering what their future lies ahead. Yes, and this is even getting more each day!

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