Of the Many Merits & Bright Prospects of CNC Laser Cutting

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^ Fast, Precise, Safe, & Economical, CNC Laser Cutters Carve Complex Contours

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Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) magnifies a laser’s intrinsic cutting abilities. Blending CNC’s precision with a laser’s potent cutting power makes CNC Laser Cutting a win-win, synergic combination.

Accurate, fast, economical, safe, reliable, versatile, and simple with umpteen associated merits. That, in a nutshell, is CNC laser cutting.

With a fantastic positional accuracy of 10 micro-meters, CNC laser cutters carve the most complex of profiles out of a wide range of materials.

Making deep incisions without direct contact between the tool and the workpiece, CNC laser cutters minimize workpiece contamination, heat stresses, tool wear, and material handling.

This ensures top speed, optimum material utilization, superb cut quality, and incredible surface finish.

And this catapults CNC laser cutting miles ahead of competing technologies such as plasma cutting, abrasive water jet cutting, and punching presses.

Not for nothing does the manufacturing world recognize CNC laser cutting as a fundamental technology. Laser cutting is already the most prolific application of lasers.

For the same reason, Transparency Market Research forecasts the global laser cutter market to hit $4.37 billion by 2020 after galloping at a 10.3% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2014 and 2020.

CNC Laser Cutter in Action Image Courtesy of Ross Petukhov at http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-79903627/stock-photo-industrial-laser.html?src=7KORTrtj1y22VYvaqQ7oLg-1-23

CNC Laser Cutter in Action
Image Courtesy of Ross Petukhov at http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-79903627/stock-photo-industrial-laser.html?src=7KORTrtj1y22VYvaqQ7oLg-1-23

Its speed, high uptime, and low turnaround time make CNC laser cutting just what the engineer ordered for shipyards. Japanese shipyards used lasers and boosted productivity by 10% in 2001.

Kemplon Engineering has productively engaged the superior traits of the Mazak Super Turbo X612 High-Pro Supercharger Laser Cutter since 2012.

Armed with constant-beam-length delivery, non-stop automatic operation, and minimum set-up time, the Mazak cutter runs without complex jigs and fixtures with minimal operational cost and failures.

One reason for the optimistic future of CNC laser cutters is the advance of related technology:

  • Hybrid Laser-Assisted Oxygen Cutters cut 2-inch thick plates with 2 kW lasers and have overcome the present 8-inch thickness cutting limitation of lasers
  • Direct Diode Lasers surmount the focusing issue with lasers and offer better electrical efficiency

A German research project BRILAMET recently used such lasers to glide through 6mm-thick stainless steel at feed rates of over 2 meters-per-minute

  • Ultrashort / Ultrafast Pulsed Lasers offer exceptional accuracy

Lasers have come light years from being a solution seeking a problem that they were for five long decades after the creatively genius brain of Albert Einstein first theorized them in 1917.

The delicate balance between cut-quality and speed dictated the progress of the CNC laser cutting technology thirty years ago. The same holds good in the present day will do so for the times to come.

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