North America’s First LNG-Powered Ferry

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Introducing the NM F.A. Gauthier: North America’s First LNG-Powered Ferry, commissioned in Canada.

Last April, the new ferry NM F.A. Gauthier launched from famed shipyard Fincantieri in Naples, Italy and headed to Canada. Its destination – Matane, Quebec, where it is set to traverse the Matane-Baie-Comeau-Godbout ferry service for the Societe des traversiers du Quebec (“STQ”).

The liquefied natural gas (“LNG”)-powered NM F.A. Gauthier can accommodate 800 passengers and 180 vehicles, while meeting Emission Control Area (“ECA”) sulfur regulations and even having the capability to cut through sea ice. Extra features include shops, passenger lounges, a children’s game room and a bistro, cafeteria and bar.

Officially commissioned earlier this month, the NM F.-A.-Gauthier holds pride of place as: (1) North America’s first ferry to run on LNG; and (2) the first ship to run on LNG in Canada. The ferry was named after Félix-Adrien Gauthier, a businessman and politician in Matane who had founded a navigation company.

LNG shows a lot of promise for more sustainable maritime operations. Compared to marine diesel, it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 25%, can almost eliminate fine particle emissions and pollutants, and even have motors that are more friendly to marine life due to less noise and vibration.

What a promising development for more sustainable options in the maritime industry. If you liked this article and the topic interests you, check out our other recent blog entries relating to LNG and its applications: “Carnival’s Next-Gen “Green” Ships: Powered by LNG” ; “An LNG Terminal For the Panama Canal?” ; and “Environment-Friendly Power For Ferries and Cruise Ships.” We update our blog frequently, and you might enjoy all the content we fill it with, on interesting news and developments in the maritime industry.

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