New YachtChat App Aims to Connect Yachties with Yachties

^Yacht Relief Crew Mobile Application
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Now there’s an easy way that connects crew to services and entertainment at ports anywhere in the world.

YachtChat is an app founded by Tony Stout, who is based in Monaco, to help crews across the globe to the next level. He worked on yacht for seven years and he decided to mix his knowledge in that industry with his latest technology background. He was once doing sales and marketing for and Google but was tired of working with computers, so he went back to NZ and came out to yachting.

According to Stout, there’s any easy way for the crews rather than dockwalking to search for jobs. It’s time to take advantage of the latest technology as a networking tool. And his free app is now available in Apple Store and Android. This app shows a network of people in your location since it is geolocalized.

To access the app, simply log-in and connect. Whether you are a crew looking for a job or looking to hire a crew, this is the app that connects yachties with yachties!