Monthly Maritime News Roundup: September, 2015

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Kemplon Engineering rounds up some of September 2015’s most compelling news and developments:

September marked the anniversaries of historic events that rocked – and still continue to affect – the nation. 10 years ago, the last days of August saw Hurricane Katrina unleash its wrath on the Gulf Coast to devastating effect, compounded by inadequate emergency responses that would only be addressed days later in September. Today, in an age of severe weather events, questions still remain on our nation’s approach to disaster preparedness and emergency response.

14 years ago, a stunned nation witnessed the devastating attacks of 9/11, which claimed almost 3,000 lives in what would be known as the deadliest attack by terrorists on American soil. The heinous attacks would change the course of history all over the world. This 2015, as in previous years, tributes and memorials were conducted to remember the lives lost, to salute the men and women who have served and continue to serve the nation, and to remember America’s collective strength and resilience. The hashtags #NeverForget and #NeverForget911 was widely used by security forces and emergency services in remembrance and solidarity.

70 years ago, the United States marked the end of World War II on September 2nd, when the Japanese issued their formal surrender – an anniversary still commemorated all over the nation today (see related article, “The 70th Anniversary of End of World War II”).

September was also a time to look to the future. The Arctic, rendered more accessible by the planet’s warming climate, is considered one of the most promising avenues the maritime industry is exploring. This September saw a particularly heavy load of news for the once-forbidding region – shipping routes that are open for a short season; a presidential call for a more assertive position and heavy equipment for the region; luxury travel opportunities; and NGO and celebrity advocates fighting for conservation (see related articles “September in the Arctic” and “Luxe Expedition Ship For Arctic Tourism”).

The month proved challenging for Carnival Corp., particularly the major cruise player’s ship Carnival Liberty, which had figured prominently in the news over the last couple of weeks for the wrong reasons. First, a seven-night Caribbean cruise is cut short by a small engine room fire that ultimately leaves the ship docked and passengers kept for days in St. Thomas. The ship has since been cleared by authorities for regular service, only to sail into another controversy – allegations of rape between a female employee and a male colleague on board, just a few days after news broke of the fire.

Also making unfortunate waves on the headlines is diver Vincent Woolsgrove (see related article, “Diver Faces Jail Time for Fraud in Taking Historic Ship Artifacts”), who faces steep fines and jail time in the U.K. for misleading authorities on the source of rare, historic artifacts he had recovered from a centuries old wreck. These 17th century artifacts may have netted him tens of thousands of dollars from a collector, but in it is a more valuable lesson for treasure hunters here and abroad – the harsh consequences of failing to properly report and account for cultural treasures.

Also in Europe, the heated Refugee and Migration issue is still going full-steam ahead and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, inextricably affecting the maritime industry. Search and rescue operations over water, for example, are still ongoing as people fleeing conflict and/or poverty in their countries continue to try to reach Europe’s gateways via rickety or overloaded ships. This September, the desperate plight of these people was brought home to millions all over the world by the image of a drowned Syrian child, whose body was found face down on the sandy shores of Turkey after a failed effort to reach Greece. Since the image became viral, donations to aid groups have spiked, and public calls for more government action have increased in vigor (see related article, “EU Migrant Crisis: Life and Death on Europe’s Waters”).

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