Monthly Maritime News Roundup: July, 2015

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Thirty days can just fly by in the fast-paced maritime industry! July, 2015 was yet another eventful month, and Kemplon Engineering brings together some of the news items that made it big in the headlines, in this edition of The Monthly Maritime News Roundup:

Travel Opportunities in Cuba. The historic thawing of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States is ushering in new opportunities for tourism and cultural exchange. The cruise industry, in particular, is ahead of the game when it comes to bringing travelers closer to a destination that has long been regarded as so near and yet so far. This month, announcements have been made by major cruise players MSC, which is homeporting the Opera in Havana for Caribbean cruise offerings (see “MSC Opera Finds A Home in Cuba for the Winter”), and Carnival Corp., whose new “voluntourism” brand “fathom” will be headed to Cuba too (see “Carnival is Headed to Cuba Too!”)

State of Emergency in Tunisia. Even as one international security situation eases, however, another worsens. In Tunisia, a state of emergency is declared following another bloody terrorist attack targeting tourists. In March, tourists – including cruisers on a shore excursion – were gunned down in a museum (see “Cruise Passengers Killed in Tunisia Terror Attack”). This past June, tourists were shot in a beach resort (see “Tunisia Declares State of Emergency, MSC Drops Calls”), prompting even more cruises to suspend calls in this once-favored spot.

Greek Debt Crisis. Another tourist-magnet destination, Greece, faced threats of a different kind. With a national economy in ruins and negotiations with EU creditors hitting roadblocks, is tourism – a big contributor to jobs and revenues – hitting the rocks too? With banks closing, ATM lines running long, money supply low, and threats looming of possible refusal in credit cards, a change in currency, disruption of basic services, a potential uptick in crime and even social unrest, many watchers could not help but speculate on how the crisis could impact Greece’s revenue-generating tourism industry (see “Tourism and The Greek Financial Crisis”).

These are just a few of the major developments that happened in and around the maritime industry this month. Join us again at the end of August for another edition of the Monthly Maritime News Roundup!

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