Maritime Search and Rescue Events

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Search and Rescue organizations are indispensable to the maritime industry. They are the ones we depend on in times of trouble, and the expertise and dedication of their men and women can mean the difference between survival and tragedy. Opportunities for members of the search and rescue community to come together, exchange ideas, share best practices, and discuss the issues of the day are important for the maritime industry as a whole. A recent lifeboat exchange program, and a rescue congress scheduled for mid-2015, are examples of such occasions. Kemplon Engineering takes a closer look at these activities.

The World Maritime Rescue Congress.
The International Maritime Rescue Federation (“IMRF”) will be holding The World Maritime Rescue Congress in Bremerhaven, Germany in June, 2015. The four-day event, slated for the 1st to the 4th of the month, is hosted by the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (“DGzRS”). The World Maritime Rescue Congress is a major gathering held once every four years. About 400 delegates from maritime Search and Rescue parties all over the world are expected at the international forum.

Topics for discussion and workshop sessions include SAR Mission Coordination, SAR Organization and Management, Rescue Boat Guidelines, Mass Rescue Operations, and Search and Rescue programs for developing countries. Rescue demonstrations are also on the calendar, as well as a boat parade, a trade fair and exhibition, and various displays, presentations and showcases. The last such event was held in China in 2011.

For more on the event and opportunities for participation, including exhibitor information and workshop and presentation proposals, visit the IMRF website at

Lifeboat Skills Exchange
The recent Lifeboat Skills Exchange is another type of event that brings members of Search and Rescue organizations together. Also founded by the IMRF, this time along with KNRM of the Netherlands, the European Exchange Program is in its third year of creating opportunities for professionals involved in search and rescue to exchange knowledge, share ideas and learn from each other. This year, the project involved lifeboat crews from 11 countries. Organizations who hosted and or participated include the Danish Coastal Rescue Service, the Finnish Lifeboat Institute, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution from the UK, the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service, and representatives from rescue groups in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, Canada and Estonia.

It is great to know that professionals in the search and rescue community continuously strive to build their common knowledge and share best practices. We at Kemplon Engineering are grateful for their heroic contributions as they keep our waters safe all over the world.

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