Marineco Havanah Multi Purpose Workboat

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Omnipotent Multi Cat 2712 Workboats
Damen Shipyards Group will deliver the Marineco Havanah Multi Purpose Workboat to MarineCo UK in April 2015. MarineCo UK is an Edinburgh-based workboat operator and is one of the few operators in the United Kingdom with a fleet consisting of Damen vessels only. The operator placed the order for the vessel with Damen in December 2014.

Marineco Havanah is the second vessel of the Multi Cat 2712 Series Work Boats and is identical to the first vessel in this series, Multi Cat 2712 Fox Fighter that was earlier delivered to Samba AS located in Os (Bergen) in Norway.

Technical Specifications of Marineco Havanah

Technical Specifications of Marineco Havanah

Designed to operate with equal efficiency in inshore, river, and offshore missions, the Marineco Havanah is capable of conducting multiple operations such as anchor handling, towing, hose handling, dredging service, conducting surveys, and supply activities. The precise role for Marineco Havanah has not been finalized yet.

Damen claims the dimensions and features of the boat make it a multipurpose vessel. Damen is a longstanding supplier of MarineCo UK. The versatility of the vessel was an important reason for why MarineCo UK preferred Marineco Havanah over other bidders.

Technical & Other Details
Multi Cats are a Damen invention that goes back four decades. The series has proved its worth in numerous capacities across the globe. The roles range from transporting dredgers to aiding barges in their cable laying operations.

Larger Multi Cats can get Dynamic Positioning installed. With a spacious working deck, a roller each at the bow and at the stern, and one or two cranes, Multi Cats with Bureau Veritas Unrestricted Navigation and IVM/MCA Service Notation have successfully executed operations in diverse segments such as towing, dredging, and offshore wind.

Typical operations include:

  • dredging
  • transport of personnel, supplies, fuel, and spares to offshore wind turbines
  • handling and repair of pipelines, anchors, and cutter heads

Features include:

• Functional and Maintenance-Friendly Wheelhouse & Deck Layout
• Wheelhouse with 3600 Visibility for top safety levels
• Deck Equipment:

  • 2 x 300kg Pool Towing anchors
  • 2 x HS Marine Deck Cranes
  • 1 x Single-Drum Anchor Handling Winch with 2.5m/min pulling speed and 120 tons brake holding capacity
  • 1 x Kraaijeveld Hydraulically Driven Anchor Winch
  • 1 x Single-Drum Towing Winch with 6.8m/min pulling speed of and 90 tons brake holding capacity
  • Aft-located 1 x WK Triple-Pin Type In Line Towing Pin1 x WK Double-Pin Type Front Towing Pin with chain stopper
    Multi Cat 2712 Fox Fighter  (Source:

    Multi Cat 2712 Fox Fighter

• Navigation Systems

  • 2 x Furuno Radar Systems
  • Furuno GP-150D GPS System
  • Furuno FA-150 Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • 2 x 2,000W each Pesch Search Lights
  • Cassens & Platt Compass
  • Furuno FE-700 Echo Sounder

• Communication Equipment will be supported by Sigma 700 Intercom and include

  • Furuno NX-700 Navigational Telex (NAVTEX)
  • 2 x Sailor RT6222 VHF Systems
  • 3 x Handheld TR-20 VHF Systems
  • 2 x TT-3000e Inmarsat-C Systems
  • Furuno FS 1570 Single Side Band (SSB) Communication
  • FBB 150 Fleet Broadband System
  • Transas NS 4000 Chart Plotter

Damen Shipyards Group & its Clients
Earlier, Damen has delivered numerous high speed support boats to MarineCo UK, an offshore industrial company. These include Multi Cats, Damen Stan Tug 2608 that is currently towing rock barges round the clock in Abu Dhabi, Damen Shoalbusters, and Multiple FCS 2610 Twin Axes.

Damen’s delivered its first Multi Cat 2712 viz. Fox Fighter to Samba AS, Norway. This is the first new build from the Damen’s portfolio of established boats to work in the Norwegian aquaculture and oil spot market industry.

Samba’s representative was all praise for Damen Shipyards for maintaining its reputation for fast delivery of boats despite Samba having requested custom features. The Fox Fighter is the third vessel in Samba’s fleet. Last year Samba acquired a Damen Multi Cat 2409.

People like to do business with people they know. With versatile capabilities of Damen’s workboats and its fame for fast delivery, clients such as MarineCo UK and Samba AS will keep ordering from Damen.