Major Cruise Lines Cancel Stops at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Popular port of call Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is dropped by several major cruise lines amid concerns for passenger safety and security, as violent criminal encounters spike in the region this May.


Earlier this month, Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas and Celebrity Infinity canceled calls to resort destination Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, amid fears of violence in the region. Recent incidents of armed conflict between gangs of criminals and local law enforcement have also caused Disney to pull the port from the Disney Wonder’s itinerary.

News of the burning of property have been reported in the area – though not at Puerto Vallarta’s tourist zones – and raised security concerns. The State Department has also issued a Mexico travel warning in Jalisco, the state where the city of Puerto Vallarta is located.

This is not the first time cruise liners have shied away from Mexico due to fears of lawless elements. In 2011, widespread drug violence became a deterrent to visits too, and many cruise lines skipped the destination for almost two years, until they returned in 2013.

Cruise lines have played a great part in opening up so many parts of the world to tourists who have never seen them before. It is truly unfortunate that crime and other dangers are keeping people from other countries and cultures, and from seeing and appreciating some of our planet’s most beautiful places. Just recently, trips to places including Ukraine, Egypt and Tunisia have seen drops too – cautionary moves that deprive both tourists of valuable experiences, and local communities from earning valuable tourism income.

The dynamic, competitive cruise industry sells fun and adventure, with liners that go out of their way to please and wow increasingly more discerning passengers – but thankfully, not at the expense of safety. Sure, the suspended ports of call may cause some disappointment, but safety should always come first.

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