Luxe Expedition Ship For Arctic Tourism

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While rising sea waters and the diminishing habitats of local wildlife are undoubtedly negative impacts of the world’s warming climate, inextricably, there are also opportunities presented by greater access to the once-forbidding Polar Regions. The maritime industry is particularly abuzz with excitement for the promises the Arctic could hold – including shorter shipping routes, and opportunities for leisure travel and education through tourism and expeditions.Kemplon Engineering has been following news and developments about the Arctic on our blog (see related articles, “Russia, Nuclear Icebreakers, & the Race for Arctic Oil-Gas” and “Rough Weather ‘Kicks Out’ Greenpeace Activists”). There are many facets to the Arctic discussion – from oil and mineral exploration to environmental conservation, from international territorial claims to shipping routes, from advances in ship technology to safety and disaster planning in harsh conditions. This time around, let us look at another interesting aspect of the Arctic conversation: opportunities for travel.

Spurred by client interest in smaller vessels for custom cruising and expeditions, Denmark-based naval architecture firm Knud E. Hansen has recently unveiled a concept for a luxury expedition ship capable of handling worldwide trips, even in the face of rough seas and high winds, including trips to the Arctic and Antarctic.

The design is for a 300-passenger, 150-cabin ship fit for Ice Class 1A service, with exciting excursions and comfort in mind, partly powered by green tech features. Creature comforts include hotel services, outside views for all cabins, an observation lounge with 360-degree views, and two solar energy-heated Jacuzzis on the top deck. For the adventurous luxe tourist, there is a heli-deck on a glass aircraft hangar, facilities for small excursion watercraft like boats and jet skis, and even a remote-operated vehicle (“ROV”) equipped with observation cameras that can transmit footage on screens throughout the ship. Green tech features include applications of solar technology, reduced energy consumption from efficient heat recovery systems, advanced LED lighting and control systems, and insulated windows.

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