Lunar Fishing Orders Multiple Wartsila Equipment for its Under-Construction Trawlers

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Wartsila 32 Engine Source:

Wartsila 32 Engine

Trusted Partners
Scotland based Lunar Fishing Company Limited has chosen lifecycle power supply solutions provider Wartsila for the propulsion and control equipment of its two, under-construction fishing trawlers / pursers. With this, Lunar Fishing further extends its 20-year long association with Wartsila.

Karstensens Shipyard, Denmark is building the vessels. Wartsila will deliver the equipment for the first vessel by end-2015 and for the second vessel by the summer of 2016.

One of the mechanisms Wartsila is providing is the Wartsila Protouch Propulsion Control System, winner of the esteemed Red Dot Design Award 2013. Since 1955, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen presents this award for design agencies, design concepts, and product designs.

These vessels come with a unique combination of high fishing capabilities through minimum noise, eco-friendly and economical operations, and superlative propulsion efficiency.
Technical & Other Details
Under the contract, Wartsila will supply:

  • Wartsila 32(E), 9-Cylinder In-Line Engine
  • Wartsila 4E1095 Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) with high performance (HP) nozzle seals & bearings, shaft line, stern tube etc.
  • Wartsila Protouch Propulsion Control System
  • SCV 112/2 Two-Speed Gear with Power Take-Off (PTO) Function

Economic operations and overall high propulsion efficiency result from a combination of the Wartsila 32 (E) engine with the two-speed gear. The engine itself offers fine fuel efficiency and an output of 580 kW per cylinder with 5,220 kW total power.

Designed and made in 1998, the Wartsila 32 Engine complies with IMO Tier II exhaust regulations. It is reliable, easily maintained, and has planned interfaces to external mechanisms.

Technical Specifications:

2 - TableAll Wartsila engines come with the UNIC Embedded Engine Management System for longer lifetimes of engines operating in tough conditions. This system focuses on vibration and temperature endurance through fuel injection-timing control, speed control and load-sharing, start-stop sequencing, knock detection, engine safety etc.

Wartsila’s SCV 112/2 gear is the largest available gear in Wartsila’s two-speed gear armory. The low speed option is used when maximum speed-thrust are not required. This saves 15% fuel in comparison with a single mechanical propulsion system and cuts down sulphur oxides (SOX) and nitrogen oxide (NOX) discharges.

Wartsila’s High Performance Nozzle Improves Thrust by Up To 5%  Source:

Wartsila’s High Performance Nozzle Improves Thrust by Up To 5%

Merits include:
Hyper Fishing Capabilities through Negligible Hydro-Acoustic Noise at low rotational speeds
Ecological plus Economic Advantages especially for fishing vessels and other crafts operating at low transit speeds and in diverse modes. Offshore support vessels, single screw vessels with redundant propulsion system, tug boats, and RoPax vessels also find this gear system useful
High, Constant Propeller Efficiency through two gear ratio options that enable an optimum propeller speed that is low and constant. The two-ratio options also facilitate continuous power generation on the gear’s power take-off (PTO)

The PTO drives the shaft alternator, pump, or compressor. Primary PTOs work with single gears and rotate with the engine. Double gears can employ primary and secondary PTOs that rotate with the propeller shaft

Wartsila Controllable Pitch (WCP) Propeller Systems are made up of a hub, shaft, propeller blades, hydraulic mechanism, and remote control. They lend great maneuverability and efficiency while providing incredible economy, reliability, environmental performance, integration, and operating control.

These are preferred with a constant speed shaft generator (PTO) and are particularly suited for vessels that:

  • operate in changing weather, diverse operating conditions, and strenuous operating requirements such as dynamic positioning
  • require full power during free sailing and bollard pull conditions
  • often call on ports

Winner of the esteemed Red Dot Design Award 2013, Wartsila’s state-of-the-art touch screen propulsion control system simplifies operations by seamlessly combining numerous components thereby reducing the number of interfaces.

Award Winning Wartsila Protouch Propulsion Control System Source:

Award Winning Wartsila Protouch Propulsion Control System

User-friendly for easy operate-ability, these systems are designed to comply with the standards of the IMO and other classification societies. These systems are safe, compact, easy to install and maintain, modular, and flexible. The use of standard components slashes the cost of engineering, installation, and maintenance.

Company Profiles
Through its focus on total efficiency and technical innovation, Wartsila has positioned itself as the world leader in full lifecycle solutions for vastly improving the environmental and economic performance of vessels and power plants.

Karstensens Shipyards, Denmark is qualified to handle the construction and repair of most types of vessels up to a length of 135 m. Such vessels include fishing vessels, freighters, tankers, and special purpose vessels.

Even a glimpse at the merits of the systems and equipment offered by Wartsila and you know why the company is so highly regarded the world over and why Lunar Fishing continues doing business with it.