Leading Cruise Lines in Cooperation with Conservation NGOs

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^ST MAARTEN – DECEMBER 24: Carnival Sunshine arrives in the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten on December 24, 2014. Saint Maarten is a very popular cruise destination in the Caribbean
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The world’s two biggest cruise lines announced their partnership with the ocean conservation nonprofit also the initiative to map ocean resources and the commitment to sustain targets for sourcing and carbon emissions.

It is participated by different NGOs, companies and agencies such as World Bank, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Duke University, World Resources Institute (WRI), the University of British Columbia, GRID-Arendal, etc.

The forum aims to advance the oceanographic knowledge of the distribution and location of natural resources, to have a keen focus on investment in conservation, restoration and economic development. They will also tackle updated of the climate research, conservation & protection of mangrove and coral reef and other operations.

The goal is to complete the project by 2020 which include 35 percent reduction in carbon emissions, added by the sourcing of 90 percent of wild-caught seafood from specialized sustainable fisheries. Royal Caribbean will also introduce traceability protocols to make sure that its seafood is acquired in a verifiable manner.