Landmark Agreement Between Carnival Corp. and DOJ for Americans with Disabilities

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Carnival Corp., the industry giant behind the brands Carnival, Holland America, Princess Cruises and others, has come to a landmark agreement with the Department of Justice under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), to better provide access for travelers with disabilities.

The settlement follows an investigation conducted by the Department of Justice, on complaints and allegations against the cruise line relating to issues like better provision and reservation of accessible cabins; practices, policies, procedures and programs that are friendlier to individuals with disabilities; and better communications with them in musters and drills.

Ships will also be surveyed and fitted to comply with ADA regulations, ADA-specific training will be provided to Carnival employees, appropriate changes will be made to their website and mobile apps, ADA compliance officers will be appointed, and the company will also be settling civil penalties and fines to the government and with individuals adversely affected by past inconveniences.

The agreement covers 62 ships from Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises, for cruises embarking and disembarking from United States waters and its territories.

The agreement has been deemed as “landmark” for several reasons; for the first time, the Department of Justice is making ADA-compliant requirements that are specific to a cruise company, such as minimum numbers and different types of accessible cabins; ship surveys and a remediation plan.

Throughout the process, Carnival was working in cooperation with the DOJ.

One of the most exciting sectors to watch in the maritime industry is cruising. From far-flung destinations and thrilling themed itineraries to unique and innovative ship features, there is always something new to watch out for (why don’t you explore our blog, which features much content on this, and other maritime industry-related topics you might enjoy perusing).

But one of the best things about cruising is how it fosters love of the marine environment, and creates opportunities for education and unforgettable experiences. It is good to see the industry working towards making these opportunities more accessible to all people.

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