Knuth Inaugurates Demonstration Showroom Plasma-Jet DST 1530 HPR 130 XD & Hydro-Jet Eco 1313

Another Milestone for Knuth
Knuth Machine Tools USA opened a demonstration showroom at its Lincolnshire, Illinois facility in early-2015. According to the company, Knuth will be the only organization in the country to demonstrate laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting technologies once the waterjet cuter at the facility goes operational later this year.

Technologies at the showroom:

  • 1 x 2kW Fiber Laser-Jet 2512 with 4’ x 8’ Cutting Table (operational)
  • 1 x Plasma-Jet 1530 DST with HPR 130XD Plasma Source (operational)
  • 1 x 5-Axis Hydro-Jet Eco 1313 (will go operational later in 2015)

Plasma-Jet DST 1530 HPR 130 XD

Armed with the know-how and technology of market leader Hypertherm, the plasma cutter enables total utilization of all the features of cutting-edge plasma cutters. Hypertherm is an American Corporation specializing in cutting technologies with a focus on continuous innovation.

Plasma Cutting System of the Plasma-Jet DST 1530 HPR 130 XD (Source:

Plasma Cutting System of the Plasma-Jet DST 1530 HPR 130 XD

Standard equipment includes Industrial PC with 15” touch-screen monitor, Windows OS, USB port, and graphical user interface (GUI). Control through Hypertherm MicroEDGE Pro ensures:

  • excellent quality cuts
  • high service life for wear parts due to auto adjustment of cutting and plunge-cut height
  • automatic kerf-width compensation
  • online and offline diagnostics
  • automatic setup of cutting parameters by the offline software
  • operator manual on the operating display for torch height control, CNC, and plasma source
  • tips for optimized cutting operation
  • optimum cuts via. storage of existing cutting parameters in the control system
Technical Data
Technical Data


  • maximum cutting accuracy via highly rigid design
  • minimum tooling time and rapid cutter-head changes through quick coupling
  • high load capacity due to stand-alone cutter table and rigid steel construction
  • zero mechanical and thermal influences on the plasma cutter system on account of the stand-alone table
  • automatic torch height control
  • electro-pneumatically controlled vacuum table
  • AC servo guides on all axes with zero-backlash, maintenance-free planetary gears
  • top-class linear guides on all axes
  • optimum bed speed even for delicate cutting tight radii and fine contours
  • adjustable cutting curren
  • continuous operation through low-maintenance and low-wear helical gears

High-pressure pump with hydraulic drive, pulsation damper, pressure relief valve, pressure transmitter, and pre-filter unit – all mounted on a common base frame provide the foundation for the high-pressure system.

Hydro-Jet Eco 1313 (Source:

Hydro-Jet Eco 1313

While the proportional valve automatically controls the water pressure, the quick relief valve maintains atmospheric pressure after the cutting is completed. Optional sound proofing system lowers noise and shields the high-pressure system.

GPlus 450 Cut control enables:

  • rapid program creation with marking and cutting in the same program
  • creation, import, and modification of numerous geometries/designs
  • cutting parameters easily edited
  • automatic cutter-head distance calculation
  • instant display and simulation for changes in starting cut
  • material consumption and machining time calculation through simulation
  • optimum material utilization with grid nesting
Hydro-Jet Eco 1313 in Action (Source:

Hydro-Jet Eco 1313 in Action

  • zoom function
  • material database
  • resumption at last position after interruption
  • online support
Technical Data

Technical Data


  • top precision and dynamics with 5-axis harmonic drive cutting kinematics
  • max. 600 chamfering
  • burr-free cuts eliminate rework
  • clean-cut edges and small kerf width
  • time and cost savings with endless rotating
  • negligible mechanical stress plus zero thermal stress, tensions, hardening, smoke, dust, or toxic fumes
  • maximum operator safety, reliability, and power
  • convenient loading of the three-side-open work area
  • preloaded ball screws-driven axes
  • mechanically-fed Z-axis
  • space-saver design
  • low maintenance

Knuth’s demonstration showroom with its laser, plasma, and waterjet cutters more than complements the group’s philosophy of nurturing long-term relationships, its 85 years experience, and its global reach.