Knuth Inaugurates Demonstration Showroom Fiber Laser-Jet 2512

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Custom Cuts with Choice
Earlier this year, Knuth Machine Tools USA inaugurated a demonstration showroom featuring metal cutters using laser, waterjet, and plasma technologies at its facility in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

The demonstration showroom features:

  • 1 x 2kW Fiber Laser-Jet 2512 with 4’ x 8’ Cutting Table
  • 1 x Plasma-Jet 1530 with HPR 130XD Plasma Source
  • 1 x 5-Axis Hydro-Jet Eco 1313

While the laser and the plasma cutters are already operational, the 5-axis waterjet cutter will start its cutting operations later in 2015. According to the company, Knuth will then be the only company in the United States to demonstrate all three technologies.

Visiting clients can ask for time studies and test cuts. Application engineers will provide them with cutting results and cycle times employing the available cutting technologies. Sales personnel will then work out other aspects with customers to enable them to choose the most compatible cutting technology. Technicians will provide similar services to customers outside the Chicago area.

Fiber Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600: Technical & Other Details
Developed specifically for workshop operations i.e. for cutting various materials in diverse quantities and of distinct qualities, the machine comes with GPlus Cut 4000 B Control. The fiber-jet laser cutter operates at a wavelength ten times shorter than that of the CO2 laser making the beam more focused.

Fiber Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600 (Source:

Fiber Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600

It is at its efficient best when cutting aluminum, stainless-steel, copper and copper alloys. The machine can take precise and high quality cuts in plates of up to 6mm thickness made from these materials. It cuts thicker plates of these metals with a 4,000kW laser source and cuts low-alloy and non-alloy structural steels plates of up to 12mm thick.

Metallic materials better absorb laser beams from the fiber laser source of this machine making it more effective for cutting metals. Plastics however better absorb radiation from a CO2 laser source. Knuth also supplies CO2 laser cutters.

GPlus Cut 4000 B lends the fiber laser-jet with:

Technical Data

Technical Data

  • Windows crash protection to the PLC and NC
  • modular design and innovative hardware with self-diagnostics for each module
  • large data storage for large operations
  • rapid data refresh rate (0.25ms)
  • user-friendly design for easy operations
  • automatic parameter setting through technology database
  • 3 USB ports for internet connectivity and data transfer – this also allows remote diagnosis by Knuth and remote control by the operator
  • simple operation resumption procedure after interruption


  • ultra low footprints
  • ergonomic design for rapid loading-unloading
  • exceptional cut quality with high-quality beam and rigid structure
  • controlled focus retracing with capacitive height scanning
  • automatic guided cutting control for plunge cuts, low and high radius cuts, and corner cuts
  • energy saving through diverse power options while cutting plates of varied thickness
  • minimum emissions with overhead exhaust vacuum
  • compact, space-saver dimensions
  • minimum requirements for machine installation and for set up of the site
  • low operating costs combined with longest maintenance intervals
  • optional retrofitting for cutting non-metals
  • same cutter head labels cut parts

Fiber Laser-Jet 2512 is transported in fully assembled condition. And because it operates at shorter wavelengths, it requires a sealed enclosure. The enclosure operates automatically through sensors that ensure the closing of the enclosure before commencement of the cutting operations.

Lasers are very powerful beams on account of their high coherence. Lasers of wavelength below 400nm and above 1,400nm can cause burn injuries or cataract to eye lens and cornea. Potent lasers in the 400nm to 1,400nm range may heat up the retina and destroy the photoreceptor cells that are damaged when transient temperature rises by 100C.

Company Profile
Knuth Machine Tools USA is the headquarters of Knuth Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH of Germany in North America. With 85 years experience, the brand holds a global reputation as a maker of competitively priced high quality CNC and manual fabricating machines.

Right from its inception, the brand has adhered to its philosophy of building lasting business relationships. Knuth manages more than 24 manufacturing, service, and sales facilities across the world.

Knuth has delivered over 500,000 machine tools to more than 120,000 satisfied clients through its commitment to excellence, quality, global presence, innovation, expertise, and competitive pricing.

With its versatile and cutting edge features, the Knuth Fiber Laser-Jet 2512 is a great equipment to have in the demonstration showroom and further reinforces Knuth’s already awesome reputation.