Introducing the Aranui 5: Half Freighter, Half Cruise Ship

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Half-freighter, half-cruise ship Aranui 5 will be traversing French Polynesia on trips ‘mixing business and pleasure’ as a passenger freighter.

The cruise offer is enticing, and sounds just like what’s on the market for many a cruise ship – captivating, intoxicating French Polynesia following the travels of Paul Gaugin and Robert Louis Stevenson, attentive local staff to see to passengers needs, comfort, space and relaxation in fitness and massage rooms, bars, lounges, a library and swimming pool, balconies and suites, and excellent meals and infectious music. Off the ship, excursions on whaleboats will include white sand beach stops, picnics, hikes, jeep safaris, horse riding, and meeting local artists.

But the Aranui 5 has a vision all of its own. The vessel can carry not just 254 passengers but also containers for cargo, styling itself as a “Freighter to Paradise.” The ship will be traveling on 14-day voyages and 17 departures annually, and will be delivering and receiving essential cargo among the remote ports, including fuel, copra, fish and fruit.

Business and pleasure, style and substance, cargo and cruising! The Aranui 5 intends to deliver it all, bringing essential supplies to remote islands and bringing tourists to exotic areas and unique experiences, when the ship launches this November.

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