International Workboat Show 2015 Ultimate Meeting Ground for North America’s Commercial Marine Industry

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^Busy Scenes @ the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans

The Veritable Crowd Puller

Despite all the technological advances in the recent past, we as human beings attach great value to face-to-face interactions. Even if these interactions are for the acquisition of better technology. Let’s admit it, there is no real substitute for direct conversations.

This is precisely why businesses view trade fairs and shows with such overwhelming importance. Welcome to the International WorkBoat Show, North America’s largest trade show for the commercial marine industry.

As a company that offers top marine fabrication services, marine pipe fitting, and large scale custom metal fabrication, Kemplon Engineering was among the visitors to this world-class event. Our team had a great time expanding their knowledge horizons and broadening their network.

Held at the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA between December 1 and December 3, 2015, this was the 36th year that New Orleans hosted the event. Tradeshow Week places this pageant among United States’ top 200 trade fairs.

And it has good reason to award such a certificate. The WorkBoat Show draws the entire spectrum of players from the global commercial marine industry for an update with cutting-edge equipment and services in this field.

Latest Technology on Display @ the International WorkBoat Show

Latest Technology on Display @ the International WorkBoat Show

Plus, the show offers invaluable knowledge on related laws, regulations, management practices, and safety and security codes. Knowledge, after all, is power. And in an age when the global economy is shifting towards a knowledge economy, knowledge is priceless.

Suppliers, buyers, related authorities, managers, engineers all flock here. You name them, they are here. Just think of the wealth of networking opportunities the show offers!

Most importantly, many visitors come with the authority to make purchases or to influence purchase decisions. Those attending the WorkBoat Show represented a total purchasing power of $2.3billion.

You can judge the standing of the WorkBoat Show from the fact that the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau placed the economic impact of the show at an astronomical $16.5million.

This year, 92% of those surveyed had discovered new products or companies while 78% of the attendees had the authority to make purchase decisions. Not for nothing did the event witness a flocking of 14,000 visitors from across 26 countries and 45 states.

And yes, there were 1,100 exhibitors this year. What is more, 15% of these were first time visitors who brought with them a whiff of fresh air for this blockbuster. No one misses the opportunity to launch their equipment at this show.

Best Exhibits from WorkBoat Show 2015

While it is near-impossible to choose among the fantastic items on display at the International WorkBoat Show 2015, here is a list of the top pieces of equipment.

RO Water Treatment Equipment @ the International WorkBoat Show

RO Water Treatment Equipment @ the International WorkBoat Show

Novel products at the WorkBoat Show included:

  • Padeyes by Fit Up Gear: is a one-time-use tool for lifting. It is available in six sizes with capacities ranging from 5tons to 6.5tons
  • Multi-Hole Imager by Flange Wizard: simplifies positioning and marking of holes on any surface – flat, round, or irregular. With this imager, you can easily lay out diverse-shaped holes on various pipes
  • Logan FlexaDriveTM by Logan Clutch Corp.: enables power transfer to a maximum of 10 live PTO pump pads for different hydraulic pump requirements such as drive shafts, pulleys, pumps, and clutch-able power take-offs

It offers up to 3,000hp power @ 2,600rpm as well as full torque transmission at short axial lengths

  • Helm CONNECT by Helm Operations: is a planned maintenance-compliance software for the commercial maintenance industry. It is easy to install and extremely easy to use, something that sets it apart from the rest
  • Gunny Dog by Fit Up Gear: is a non-welding fitting tool for fitting deck seams, vertical seams, and other plate joints usually connected by welding. It also doubles up as a pipe-fitter and pipe-aligner
  • MagnaShear MSB12 Electric Release Spring Set Motor Brake by Force Control Industries Inc.: are based on the maker’s Oil Shear Technology that requires no maintenance and no adjustments

This technology also offers minimum wear, smooth and consistently accurate stops, and better heat dissipation. MagnaShear brakes are ideal for harsh marine conditions

Jet Engines @ the International WorkBoat Show

Jet Engines @ the International WorkBoat Show

Exhibits from some of the mega brands include:

  • MTU 8V 4000 M54 Ironmen Commercial Marine Engine by Rolls-Royce: complies with U.S. EPA Tier 3 emission norms even without exhaust treatment

Available for diesel-electric, hybrid, and diesel-mechanical propulsion systems, these engines have a power range of 746-2,000kW

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System by Rolls-Royce: will upgrade MTU Series 4000 engines to be compliant with EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier III standards

MTU is of course the renowned Land & Sea division of Rolls-Royce

  • Tier-3 Engines including the 16-Liter V8 and 13-Liter Inline Engines: are based on the cutting edge modular engine platform that provides compact-sized, powerful engines of 550-1,000hp
  • RC36 High-Speed Amphibious Craft by Renocraft and Sea Legs: is the world’s first high-speed amphibious craft made in a large format

Designed for the demanding marine environs, the RC36 cruises at 40mph on water and 10mph on land. It carries 10 troops and features a removable, enclosed cabin for greater flexibility

  • World’s Safest Energy Storage System by PBES: these batteries do not catch fire despite using the lithium battery technology
  • GOST Watch HD H2O System by USA GOST®: is a groundbreaking video surveillance system built to survive and thrive in the exacting maritime ambience
Patrol Boat @ the International WorkBoat Show

Patrol Boat @ the International WorkBoat Show

Easily installed, the system offers 90 days of continuous recording with remote control and viewing from anywhere in the world

  • Scale Model of the Articulated Tug Barge Unit (ATB) by Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (FBS): FBS recently delivered the full scale model of this 6,000hp-ATB to Moran Towing Corporation
  • Defiant 45 Patrol Boat by Metal Shark: to bridge the gap between its Defiant 38feet and 55feet variants
  • Merlin Laser Scanner for Mobile 3-D Mapping by Renishaw: offers faster, safer, and more-complete data collection for marine surveys

Other Highlights at the WorkBoat Show 2015

What made the 2015 WorkBoat event special were the keynote addresses by Oil-Gas Policy Specialist Dr. Kent Moors, former Washington Redskins NFL Quarterback Joe Theismann, and National Geographic Expedition Leader plus OCEARCH Founding Chairman Chris Fischer.

Joe Theismann delivered his keynote address on December 1 while Dr. Kent Moors spoke on the oil-gas policy in the context of the commercial marine industry on December 2.

AquaFlow Water Treatment Machinery @ the International WorkBoat Show

AquaFlow Water Treatment Machinery @ the International WorkBoat Show

Chris Fischer has led a staggering 23 global research expeditions to collect critical data on apex marine predators such as the Great White Shark. He spoke on the closing day on December 3.

December 3 also witnessed a free Maritime Workforce Career Fair organized by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Then again, there were a string of presentations on workforce development viz.:

  • Building a Better Workforce
  • Millennials, the Next Generation of Mariners
  • Hiring Veterans, Today’s Heroes are Tomorrow’s Workforce

Attendees at annual WorkBoat shows include the owners and operators of diverse workboats such as tugs, towboats, offshore service vessels, military boats-vessels, police-patrol boats, barges, fire and response boats, diving-salvage boats, research and education vessels and the like.

That apart, there are equipment manufacturers and distributors, government and military buyers, marine engineers and architects, port authorities, shipyard representatives, marine surveyors, oil exploration and production, and other related people. Phew, the list is endless!

Exhibited equipment includes material for boat building/repair, electronic navigation equipment, above deck and below deck hardware, propulsion/steering systems, electrical systems, and safety-survival hardware.

Annual Conference at the show offers vital knowledge on current technology and relevant developments, laws and regulations, safety and security, and business management issues related to the commercial marine industry.


International WorkBoat Show is one event you just cannot afford to miss if you are a part of the commercial marine industry. For, this is as complete as it gets. If you have come this far, you don’t need to go any further.

Keep reading our blog for the latest updates in the world of maritime engineering. And for the very best in marine fabrication services, marine pipe fitting, and large scale custom metal fabrication, contact Kemplon Engineering.