bnr_nature_of_servicesKemplon Engineering offers custom solutions to industry leaders such as Bombardier Corporation and Electrohydraulic (EHM) Machinery. With a skilled workforce operating a state-of-the-art machine shop spread across 20,000 square foot, we deliver world class welding, fitting, & fabrication machining services to the industrial sector.

Commitment to our customers and workplace safety are our defining ethos.

rsz_photo_2_21Our Industrial Services include:

  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Machine Shop Operations
  • Heavy Rigging
  • Pipe Fitting

Welding is central to fabrication and we provide certified welders to execute the following class weld procedures:

  • Lloyds GMAW (MIG) & GTAW (TIG) Steel 6G Position
  • AWS GMAW & SMAW (Stick) Steel 6G Position
  • AWS GTAW Stainless Steel 6G Position
  • ABS GMAW Steel 6G Position
  • ABS GTAW Steel 4F Position
  • ABS GMAW Aluminum 4F Position

rsz_shutterstock_50537056_2Machine Shop Operations:

  • Manual Precision Lathe 18” x 60”
  • Manual Precision Knee Mill 9” X 48”
  • Mazak Super Turbo X 612 High-Pro Supercharger Laser Cutter
  • HTC 200 G Press Brake for Bending
  • Grizzly G0629 Three-in-One 52” Sheet Metal Machine for Shearing, Bending, & Slip Rolling
  • Kalamazoo Cold Saw FS350A
  • Miscellaneous Power Tools: Grinders, Drills, Die Grinders, Chop Saws, Mag-Base Drills etc.

Pipe Fitting Services for transporting industrial, high pressure fluids through pipe networks include:

  • CAD Drawing Coordination
  • Tube Bending
  • MIG, TIG, & Stick Welding
  • Pipe Threading & Grinding
  • Brazing & Soldering
  • Plasma & Gas Cutting
  • Valve Installation & Repair
  • Hydro Testing

timthumb_012Heavy Rigging for safely lifting and lowering loads between 5 and 15 tons with:

  • Chain Hoists of ¼ to 5 tons
  • Custom-Built Lifting A Frames
  • Certified Nylon Slings
  • Beam Trolleys of ½ to 2 tons
  • Beam Clamps

Apart from the solemn promise of technical excellence, Kemplon Engineering handles project management for its clients and engages with them right from the planning stage through to completion.