How 3D Printing Technology Revolutionized Luxury Yacht Designing

By April 11, 2016 Technology No Comments
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^Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

With 3D printing technology, modeling and prototyping processes for designing yachts in the fastest way possible became a reality. The way yachts are built is revolutionized in a way we have never seen before. It allows for mass customization, complex proliferation of products, cost savings, energy-efficient and environment-friendly manufacturing, and precise production.

Take the case for example of Livrea, among the very first in the yacht design and manufacturing industry that used 3D printing technology in the modeling and prototyping processes as well as in designing the final parts in their actual full-size boats. Through their Livrea Model 26 in 2015, the company envisioned a speedy boat that was slowly built up in size from the 1:14 scale to a 1:1 replica. By using larger printers, Livrea’s team and partners dramatically changed the way boats are built.

They see the methods and 3D printing applications in which yachts and boats are designed having endless possibilities. The labor-intensive and costly processes involved with too much traditional woodwork versus 3D printing are minimized. We saw that human craftsmanship was greatly enhanced in a short amount of time. 3D printing, just in this example, revolutionized man’s imagination and workmanship. The partnership between Livrea Yacht Italia’s Architect Daniele Cevola and co-founder Francesco Belvisi building the prototype sailing in 1:14 scale of Livrea26 was announced in the 2014 Miami Boat Show.

Digital entrepreneur, venture capitalist and business adviser Steve Sammartino even went as far as making bold claims that 3D printing is that one technology in this generation that has the high potential similar to the internet. He said that 3D printing might have an even larger economic impact than the internet had accomplished. His claim is possible. After all, none of the general public in the past has foreseen how Facebook or Instagram can change the way we use social media, right?

Anything is possible. Yet, we are still to see if this claim can actually become a reality. After all, The Economist has also called this technology in the age of the 3rd industrial revolution fascinating enough to also raise questions among the world’s economists. We know for a fact that traditionalists also exist to keep the newer technologies from emerging. The manufacturing sector has annual earnings of two trillion dollars, and therefore latest developments in 3D printing and other technologies that directly affect the yacht and boat building business are a big deal. 3D printing is seen to even grow even stronger and stronger each year.

One observable impact from the 3D printing technology is the fact that it allows designers to complete their work quickly in low-cost 3D printers. Like I said earlier, the intensive labor in traditional woodworking appears to be more expensive and time-consuming. These issues are dismissed with 3D printing. Second, designing spare parts for the marine industry is enhanced. Small items and other tiny components that make up any yacht or boat’s details can be designed on the spot. Lastly, the 3D printing model is downloadable that allows for marine product manufacturers to have their replacement parts available for download anytime and anywhere. This is an advantage to those owners in far-flung locations as well as those who have yachts and boats of earlier models with parts that are hard to find now.

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