rsz_1photo_1_22Kemplon Engineering is a provider of innovative and custom rigging solutions for lifting and lowering large parts of under-repair ships. For tailored rigging projects, we fabricate and install made-to-order rigging gear such as lifting frames, fasteners, slings, and other mechanical equipment.

In keeping with our customer centric philosophy, we engage with you right from the planning stage and integrate project engineering with project management through to completion.

Kemplon performs the processes of lifting and moving heavy and loaded objects. heavy rigging is an integral aspect of our ship repair services.


Kemplon’s rigging teams are qualified to lift and lower equipment between 5 and 15 tons with:

  • Chain Hoists of 1/4 to 5 tons
  • Custom-Built Lifting A Frames
  • Certified Nylon Slings
  • Beam Trolleys of 1/2 to 2 tons
  • Beam Clamps

Heavy-Rigging1Work safety is a critical consideration in heavy rigging. Kemplon Engineering employs a companywide ‘buy in’ safety approach to involve all team members in defining, implementing, and revising safety standards. For safe rigging, we:

  • Include only trained individuals in the heavy rigging team & conduct regular safety and training courses for them
  • Inspect all heavy rigging equipment before each use and at regular intervals
  • Inspect and tag all heavy rigging equipment after use
  • Use equipment appropriately & stay within their rated capacities

Committed to integrated excellence, customer satisfaction, and work safety since our very beginnings, Kemplon Engineering is the one-stop solution for all your heavy rigging, marine engineering, and custom metal fabrication requirements.