Exxon Valdez: Spared from $92 Million in Additional Oil Spill Damages

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More than 25 years after one of the largest oil spills in US waters of all time, Exxon is released from having to pay an additional $92 million from 1989’s Exxon Valdez oil spill.

On the 24th of March, 1989, tanker Exxon Valdez is grounded on Alaska’s Prince William Sound, with a ruptured hull that would launch about 11 million gallons (or 260,000 barrels) of crude oil into precious waters off Alaska. At the time, the disaster was unprecedented in scale, and demanded an equally unprecedented response from various federal, state, local and private entities. 1,500 miles of coastline, as well as parks, wildlife habitats, refuges and sanctuaries, many marine animals, and local livelihoods would ultimately be adversely affected by the disaster.  

Lawsuits following the spill would lead to $125 million in criminal fines and restitution, and a $900 million civil settlement, with a decree outlining a “reopener” provision that leaves the government some elbow room to seek more funds for restoration projects in the future. This clause would be invoked in 2006, to the tune of $92 million, to combat lingering oil.

A court filing earlier this October, however, withdraws the request seeking the additional $92 million; funds from the original settlement had been used instead for further studies, plus information on certain marine animals that could have been impacted by the lingering oil showed significant recovery, effectively negating the claim within the bounds set by the reopener. Furthermore, over $200 million of the settlement reportedly remains for restoration work.

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