Environment-Friendly Power For Ferries and Cruise Ships

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The maritime industry is moving forward with great strides in environment-friendly power, as Norway introduces an electrical car ferry, while in Germany, a cruise ship receives power from an LNG hybrid.

Power is one of the great necessities of modern life. It keeps cities thriving, societies functioning and transportation and goods moving. But obtaining energy sources also has environmental consequences, including the depletion of natural resources and byproducts that negatively impact our atmosphere. The search for more earth-friendly sources as opposed to say, fossil fuels, is a long-standing goal for many people. Humanity has looked to harnessing the powers of the sun, the wind and water, among other possible sources.

In the last few years, there have been significant breakthroughs. Never one to be behind, the maritime industry is embodying some of these technological advancements too, as can be seen in two recent news developments.

Ampere is an 80-meter long aluminum ferry able to transport 120 cars and 360 passengers in Norway. It is owned and run by Norled, on design and construction by Fjellstrand, with electric propulsion systems and charging stations installed by Siemens. The zero-emission, fully-electric ship had deservedly bagged this year’s Seatrade Clean Shipping Award. It is said to have yearly fuel savings of around one million litres, and prevents nitrogen oxide, Sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions. Its power requirements per route come from batteries, and take up just the equivalent of three days’ household electricity use for an average Norwegian household.

Not to be outdone by ferries, cruise ships are also getting in on the action. At a layover in Hamburg, cruise ship AIDAsol received environment-friendly electricity from liquid natural gas from the Hummel, an LNG hybrid-barge. Becker Marine System’s Hummel is 76.7m long, and is akin to a floating power station. Nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, and there is no sulfur dioxide emission. Becker Marine Systems is looking at options to power other vessels too, like container ships, in the future.

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