Enhancing Maritime Communications With “EfficienSea2”

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Knowledge is power – what you know and when you know it can spell the difference between success and failure. Quick and affordable access to material as well as efficient management of available data have become markers of our information age. With Danish-led, European Union-backed project ‘EfficienSea2,’ these advantages are being applied to the maritime sector. The goal? To enhance maritime communications toward improving safety and efficiency while at sea. Kemplon Engineering takes a closer look at the e-navigation project.

Improving Information Exchange. The Danish Maritime Authority heads the project. One of EfficienSea2’s main components is a kind of ‘maritime cloud.’ This technology could, for example, one day be able to provide electronic warnings tailored to vessels in a potential danger zone. This will be a marked difference from a bridge crew having to sort out information that is relevant to their journey, from radio or other sources of warnings.

Emissions Reporting. More and more governments and ports are exerting greater efforts to be ‘green,’ starting with laws on emissions limits and requirements for monitoring and reporting. These are not always easy requirements for ship operators to meet; gathering the information, providing authorities with reports and the review process of the reports can take up valuable port entry times, for example. Imagine, on the other hand, how much time and money can be saved by a digital tool that allows remote monitoring, which provides authorities with ready access to the data. This is one of the ways the project may be applied in the future.

These are just a few and basic potential applications of the groundbreaking initiative. Hopes are high for the $12.1 million- project, which is targeted for use by the EU in Arctic and Baltic Sea waters.

We at Kemplon Engineering are excited to hear how the project is developed and ultimately used. Information is very powerful indeed, and the means of communicating it is vital to sharing knowledge and increasing safety and efficiency in our world’s waters.

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