Engine Room Fire on Cruise Ship Carnival Liberty

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A dream cruise vacation was cut dramatically short for thousands of passengers, when Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Liberty had an engine room fire last September 7th.

The Carnival Liberty is a 10-year old, 952-foot, Conquest-class ship based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The cruise ship left its homeport on the 6th of September for a 7-day, Caribbean cruise. On board were 3,346 guests and 1,150 crew. The next day, while docked at St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands on a scheduled port call, the cruise ship’s engine room sparked a small fire, which would eventually be extinguished by automatic fire suppression systems. The accident caused no injuries to any passengers or crew. The ship also retained power and had ability to sail, with hotel services and activities still available to the passengers.

Flights, Refunds, Discounts and Ship Credit. To ensure customer safety and satisfaction, Carnival was quick to act on the succeeding needs of their passengers. Calls to Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and St. Maarten were canceled, and guests were reportedly offered options on how to move forward with their vacation following the fire. Guests could stay on and return early with the ship to San Juan, which they could then explore; or disembark for other means of traveling home. Also on the offer was a full refund on the cruise, plus 50% off a future cruise, on top of $150 per person in shipboard credit.

Thousands of guests disembarked at St. Thomas, to head home on flights organized by the cruise line. About 1,500 guests remained on the ship, however, who have opted to stay on board to sail back to Puerto Rico. The ship has since been cleared for sailing by authorities including the U.S. Coast Guard (“USCG”), and had returned to regular service from San Juan after being docked at St. Thomas for four days.

Unfortunately, the engine room fire was not the last of the Carnival Liberty’s problems this September. Shortly after news of the fire was released, danger of another kind made rounds in the media; an Australian cruise worker was allegedly raped by a male co-worker in one of the ship’s cabins while docked in San Juan. The accused is being detained by police, and the case is under investigation.

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