eLearning in the Maritime Industry

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eLearning or distance learning has become an ubiquitous part of our very mobile, tech-driven society. A wide range of courses and certifications from all kinds of learning institutions are available in this format, giving people the flexibility to complete their chosen fields of study pretty much anytime, anywhere. Distance learning is available for courses relevant to many industries. How is this educational option applied in the maritime industry?

What is eLearning?

Distance learning or eLearning are remote, formalized learning systems delivered through technologies like audio recordings, videos, webcasts, video conferences, computer programs, online forums and the Internet. As opposed to traditional educational formats, distance learning provides more flexibility in terms of geography and time, allowing students to complete educational requirements remotely and in many cases, according to their own schedules.

eLearning in the Maritime Industry

In the decade or so since eLearning was introduced to the world and gained momentum, the format has reportedly produced good learning results on top of the benefits of flexibility, remote availability, and more often than not, affordability.

In 2010, for example, Lloyd’s Maritime Academy claimed that the recession led to a 9% bump in applications for distance learning courses. This is likely from people seeking cost-efficient education, and/or to improve their skills and knowledge in an effort to be more “recession proof.” Lloyd’s is one of several choices maritime professionals have for e-learning. According to their website, they expect to see 2,000 international enrollees this year to their distance learning programs, taking up such courses as Marine Surveying, Ship Management and others, from short certificate courses to diplomas and postgraduate diplomas. A video, shared via link above, shows the school’s explanation of the benefits of distance learning, and gives examples of features available in their programs.

Marine Training Solutions is another source of eLearning options for professionals in the maritime industry, offering staff training courses in Fire Safety, Food Safety, and others.

If you are an organization seeking to continuously improve the knowledge and skill sets of your employees, or an individual seeking further education or qualifications, distance learning provides a wide range of options that may be worthwhile for you to explore. As in all things, what is important is that you research the programmes best suited for your learning objectives, capabilities, and budget, and those that are conducted by reputable institutions.

We at Kemplon Engineering believe that the strongest asset of our company is our people—individuals who have the expertise and qualifications to provide our clients the best possible solutions for their engineering needs. We are great believers in acquiring knowledge through studies and practice, and are happy to hear that distance learning options are available for companies and individuals in the maritime industry.

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